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What is Haven Herbs?

Who is Haven Herbs?

How is Haven Herbs different?

How is Haven Herbs different from Boline Apothecary?

I used to shop at Boline Apothecary. Do you still make those products?

Ingredients and why they matter.

I am a grower that wants to sell you herbs for your formulas.

What is the difference between tinctures and other extracts?

How do I take a tincture?

How do I brew a tisane (herbal tea)?

How to take a syrup, elixir, or oxymel we make:

How does the monthly subscription plan work?

I need something specific that is not listed in the shop. How do I get it?

What are your shipping and return policies?

I want to carry Haven Herbs at my shop. How do I do that?

I make awesome products and want Haven Herbs to be my distributor. How do I do that?