Sandal Readiness Kit

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We are all ready for warmer weather and one of the delights of spring and summer is going barefoot and wearing comfy sandals all season long. Winter means less pedicures, scaly ashy feet, and maybe even some cracks or fungus treatments that you have been putting off! Yikes!

Get those feet ready for the season with our new kit! It includes:

Zest for Life Foot Scrub: a triple salt scrub with uplifting and invigorating Lime, Coriander, and Lemongrass. It exfolitaes and moisturizes in one step, leaving your feet amazing and ready for paint!

Flying Trapeze Balm: This balm was originally formulated for trapeze artists (who chalk their hands, thereby sucking out all moisture and making them prone to crack)- so imagine what it can do for your deepy dry and cracking feet! We recoomend slathering the balm on at night with your feet up while chillaxin'. You could add to its effectiveness by wearing moisturizing socks!

Tea Tree Roll On: Got toenail fungus? This roll-on is amazing when applied to the nail beds at eliminating any funky hitchhikers.

Santé Naturokosmetik Nail Polish:This is a nail polish made in Germany- and this company makes clean and green cosmetic and body care products. EU certifications of clean cosmetics really mean something, are done by independent agencies, and are regulated. "Green" isn't just marketing hype in the EU! Choose from a red family color or a neutral family color.

All items come in a reusable hemp zipper bag! Perfect for gift giving (even if that gift is to yourself!)

Ingredients (locally sourced whenever possible):
Zest for Life: Sea Salt, Magnesium Sulfate, Extra Virgin Olive Oil*, Lemongrass*, Lime Zest*, EOs of Lemongrass* and Lime* (*organic)

Ingredients for Tea Tree Roll On and Flying Trapeze on their individual pages.