Aromatherapy Roll Ons

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We have several formulas of already diluted, ready-to-apply, Haven-exclusive essential oil blends in .35 ounce roller ball vials. This size is convenient to tuck into a pocket or bag! 

Breathe! is great to carry with you in a bag when you are on the go. Powerful essential oils open sinus passages and make it easier to breathe when you are congested. We have reformulated this to be a kid safe formula!

Chillax: Sometimes you just have to Chillax. Road rage? Just Chillax. Stressful job? You need to Chillax. Works like a charm!

Focus: Need a little help keeping your thoughts straight? In grad school or have a juggling act of a life? Give your concentration and stamina a boost! This convenient aromatherapy roll on can help! 

Frankincense: This single oil is versatile and used for headaches, skin support, and more!

Headache: Pocket sized and so much better for you than taking NSAIDS! This roll on tube fits conveniently in a pocket or purse to carry whenever you may need it. It is aromatherapy relief for most types of headaches. 

Lavender: is one of the most versatile and useful essential oils around! It's great for calming and getting to sleep, burns, headaches, and is even safe for children!

Medieval Thieves: You've heard the legend of the robbers taking valuables off of plague victims? Well, whether or not the story is true, this formula sure does work well on fighting harmful microbes (and it smells spicy yummy too)!

Patchouli: Ah, the classics! Smell like a hippie!

Spot Be Gone: This is a simple solution to those localized infections that pain so many. It works on acne, boils, and carbuncles. We have gotten rave reviews, even from folks that have "tried everything" before. Don't let the simple ingredients fool you. Simple is often better, particularly if the ingredients are fresh, strong, and potent.

Tea Tree: is so very useful for fungus, yeast, pimples, and so much more! It's really handy to have this ready-to-go roll on in your medicine cabinet! 

White Rabbit: Flash back to the time of love beads and granola with this delicious combination of Patchouli, Vetiver, and Orange!

Women's Balance: This formula is designed for the times when female hormones are out of balance: PMS, menopause, and when you have conditions like PCOS that imbalance you from time to time. As a bonus, the flowers in this formula are lovely!

Ingredients (locally sourced whenever possible):

Breathe: Extra Virgin Olive Oil*, Essential Oils of Lemon Eucalyptus*, Spearmint* & Fir* (*indicates organic). Diluted to 5%.This blend is safe for everyone.

Chillax: Extra Virgin Olive Oil*, Essential Oils of Lavender*, Vetiver*, & Frankincense* (*indicates organic) Diluted to 5%. This blend is safe for everyone.

Focus: Extra Virgin Olive Oil*, EOs of Spearmint*, Rosemary*, Tangerine*, Frankincense* (indicates organic) Diluted to 5%. This formula is not safe for children under 6.

Headache: Extra Virgin Olive Oil*, Essential Oils of Rosemary*, Peppermint*, Eucalyptus*, Lavender*, and Frankincense*. (*indicates organic) Diluted to 5%. This formula is not safe for children under 10.

Lavender: Extra Virgin Olive Oil*, EO of Lavender*, (indicates organic) Diluted to 5%. This formula is safe for everyone.

Medieval Thieves: Extra Virgin Olive Oil*, Eos of Cinnamon*, Clove*, Lemon*, Eucalyptus* and Rosemary* (*indicates organic) Diluted to 5%. This formula is not safe for children under 10.

Spot Be Gone: Extra Virgin Olive Oil*, Essential Oils of Juniper Berry*, Myrrh*, and Tea Tree*. (*indicates organic) Diluted to 5%. This formula is safe for everyone.

Tea Tree: Extra Virgin Olive Oil*, EO of Tea Tree*, (*indicates organic) Diluted to 5%. This formula is safe for everyone.

White Rabbit: Extra Virgin Olive Oil*, Essential Oils of Orange*, Patchouli, and Vetiver (*indicates organic). Diluted to 5%. This formula is safe for everyone.

Women's Balance: Grapeseed Oil*, Essential Oils of Clary Sage*, Jasmine*, Rose*, Ylang Ylang*, Neroli*, Geranium*, & Lavender* (*indicates organic) Diluted to 5%. Not safe for children under 2.

How to Use:
Aromatherapy, or the therapeutic use of essential oils, is powerful. So powerful in fact, it can harm you if you do not use them safely and properly. If it is powerful enough to heal, it can also harm.

Not all oils are safe for children, infants, immuno-compromised people, pregnant women, and the elderly. You should also never use essential oils topically on cats or birds. 

Aromatherapy works by entering the bloodstream, and there are two effective ways to do that:

1. Inhalation. Gas exchange in the capillaries of the lungs ensure the fastest method of getting essential oils into your bloodstream. This can be done by inhaling directly from the package or by using a diffuser.

2. Topical application. Again, these are highly concentrated substances that need to be diluted before use. Not only are you throwing money away by applying essential oils undiluted, but you could be damaging the skin and liver. Our roll ons are already diluted to a therapeutic dose of 5%.

PLEASE DO NOT INGEST essential oils. Ingestion is not only less effective in getting the constituents quickly into the bloodstream, it is also unsafe for the mucus membranes and liver (which they come into contact with in the digestive tract).

ALWAYS dilute your essential oils if they come in contact with your skin- in baths, in massages, in products. Or simply buy pre-diluted roll ons like these.