Beard Oil

Beard Oil

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Scratchy, unkempt beards are not sexy! Condition your beard with this subtly scented oil to tame the forest on your face. This blend of oils is scented with essential oils of cedar, sandalwood, and clove for a subtle but masculine scent that is all natural!

Beard Oil comes in a two ounce dropper bottle.

Beard Oil is a conditioning oil that moisturizes both your facial hair and the skin underneath. It works best on a clean face and beard, so apply this product after cleaning and toning.

Ingredients (locally sourced whenever possible): Extra Virgin Olive Oil* infused with Marshmallow root*, Jojoba Oil*, Essential oils of Sandalwood*, Cedarwood*, and Clove* (*organic)

How to Use:
Take a vial full of the oil and rub into your plams, evenly dispersing the product over your hand surface area. Then go ahead and stroke your beard, working the oil into the hair and skin below.

This product is intended for topical use only.