Earache Oil

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This oil is safe to use for earache pain and ear infections on adults and children/infants! Used for generations with the young children and adults!

Earache Oil comes in a half ounce amber dropper bottle.

Ingredients (locally sourced whever possible): Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Garlic*, Mullein Flowers*, Vitamin E Oil*, Essential Oil of Lavender* (*indicates organic)

How to Use:
Never use earache oil in an ear canal with a ruptured eardrum. Earache Oil can be used in a couple of ways:

1. As a deep treatment for ear pain, lay down on your side and fill the ear canal with oil. Do 30 minutes on each side (always do both sides, as the eustachian tubes are connected and infection can travel).

2. As a preventative during earache season, place a few drops in the ear canal and rub into the eardrum before going out into the cold.