Percolation Cone

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**Product Update 3/25**
We are experiencing high demand of our percolation cones and are scrambling to keep them in stock. Please note there may be a few days delay from when you order to when the item ships, depending on supplier arrivals.

Percolations are tinctures that you can make in 24 hours, rather than weeks (like folk method or weight-to-volume maceration). But in order to do them, you need to use powdered dried herb and have a special piece of equipment: a percolation cone! We include a detailed worksheet to help you with the process and the math needed in a percolation, too!

Ours is a heavy glass recycled bottle (take a look at the photos to view the thickness!) and comes outfitted with a food grade rubber stopper and tubing. This is a simple, gravity-fed percolation cone. (You may have seen a video about percolations on YouTube that has an added feature of a valve to stop the dripping. You simply do not need a valve to stop your percolation- let it drip for 24 hours, covered as instructed, and you will get your medicine! It's simply an added part to break, so we do not make them that way.)

Just put your cone on a mason jar (shown in the pictures on a half gallon Ball jar), cut some coffee filters to fit your cone (to keep the powder from going down the neck into your tincture), and pack the cone.