Crowning Glory

Crowning Glory

  • $8.00

Sometimes, your hair needs a deep conditioning treatment. If you have damage from chemical treatments, hard water, or swimming, Crowning Glory will help repair and restore hair from frizz to fab!

The treatment comes in a one ounce bottle, enough for short and medium styles. If you have exceptionally long or thick hair, order two bottles.

Ingredients (localy sourced whenever possible): Extra Virgin Olive Oil* infused with Chickweed*, Violet*, and Marshmallow, Jojoba Oil*, Argan Oil*, Essential oil of Rosemary* (*organic)

How to Use:
This is a hot oil treatment. Wash your hair, but do not use a conditioner or hair vinegar before using this treatment. Towel dry (we want it damp but not dry). Warm the oil (simmer the glass bottle in a pan of water for a couple minutes until the oil is warmed, but not scalding- do not microwave!) and then pour into your hands, a little at a time- starting with the ends and working your way to the roots. When the hair is all covered with the oil, then either: 

1. Cover the hair with a plastic bag (a grocery bag will do) for 20-30 minutes to several hours. Many people let the hair soak up the treatment overnight.
2. or braid hair and go about your business.

Exceptionally thirsty hair will have no need to wash hair afterwards, as the hair will soak up the treatment completely.