Natural Medicine Cabinet

Natural Medicine Cabinet

  • $40.00

Just venturing into natural and herbal medicine? This is a great way to get started- all the basics in one little bag. This is a starter set that makes a fabulous and thoughtful housewarming gift or gift for a new college student.

This pack has four items that everyone needs in their medicine chest: something for headaches, cuts and scrapes, colds and flus, and soft tissue injuries.

About Crud Killer: Kills all crud you could possibly have in one easy-to-take tincture. We recommend probiotics afterwards, if you know what we mean.

About Headache Relief: This aromatherapy roll on helps sinus, stress, tension, and other headaches beautifully! It fits conveniently in a pocket or purse to carry whenever you may need it.

About Boo Boo Balm: As a society, we overuse antibiotics. They are in hand purifiers, are overprescribed, and even in plastics! This contributes to bacterial resistance and has led to catastrophic effects: we now have MRSA and other antibiotic resistant strains running rampant! Use boo boo balm instead. The herbs and essential oils used kill all we dislike without adding to this problem.

About Knead It: Knead It is a sore muscle rub. It eases the pain for aching soft tissues and heals bruises and other soft tissue injuries with powerful Arnica. It brings more blood to the area with black pepper and it also warms and numbs the area gently with clove.

These 4 remedies come in a cute bag for transport or gift giving! 

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