Blue Moon Box

Blue Moon Box

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August 22, 2021 is the blue moon! With the way we track time these days, this event only happens 41 times in a century. (The modern definition is a second full moon in a calendar month. The older definition of a blue moon is that the blue moon is the third full moon in a season that has four full moons.) Either way you track it, this means some astrological potency is coming our way in late August. We're making this time of connection with the full moon energy extra special by including an exclusive online Yoga Nidra session with the special limited edition box from Haven Herbs. 

(This listing is for a Pre-Order. Must order by Aug 8th!! It will ship out Friday, August 13, so you have your items for ritual on the Blue Moon.)

Included in the box? Glad you asked!

1. Custom blend of non-combustible incense, formulated to draw in and attract that which you desire (be it love, abundance, or something else). We include a roll of charcoal to burn your incense, too! Burn throughout your manifestation ritual.

2. Ritual Bath and Tea: Sip while bathing in this brew, so you get the power of the botanicals inside and out. Set your intention with every splash and sip.

3. Candle: We suggest lighting this with the incense, infusing it with your intention, and keep it burning until it expires naturally. For safety, after your bath, you can set the candle in the safest place to burn unattended: in the middle of the bathtub with the door closed (especially if you have a mischievous and curious animal or tiny human companion at home).

4. Find Your Way by Moonlight, Haven's tincture to help you have a productive dream life. Two dream work herbs from two different continents blended for you! It enhances lucid dreaming as well as dream retention upon waking. Keep that dream journal handy next to the bed when you use this one! Keep your magic going after the ritual and bedtime!

5. Yoga Nidra guided meditation! Unpack your box, brew some tea, light the candles and incense, and let Heidi, our worker-owner-in-training and yoga teacher, guide you in a reflective and restorative Yoga Nidra session that honors the lunar wisdom of culmination and fruition, and prepares fertile ground for new intentions, change and growth

More information about the Yoga Nidra session is included in the box and we'll email you the Zoom link!