Haven Herbs now offers a custom monthly subscription plan for those of you never wanting to live without our stuff! This is a great way for us to get you what you need on the regular and get discounts and perks to boot.

We call it Build-a-Box and you can build a box of anything that is as unique as you are. Want toothpaste, one of our tonics, and some soap every month? No problemo! Want a bag of Smoking Blend and some Chill Pills every 30 days? We can do that! What's in your box is always up to you.

The perks to you are:
1. Never run out or forget to order. You'll get a notification that your box will be coming up again, giving you time to edit, pause, or add items.

2. Get 10% off everything in your box, on top of existing discounts. You still get freebies over $50 and free shipping after $75, too!

3. Box subscribers come first. As an artisanal producer, we sometimes run short of a product for a day or two. B-a-B subscribers get their boxes filled first.

4. We will use this program to send out samples of new or interesting products and ask for feedback. As one of our loyal customers, we trust your feedback!

Want to know how to get started? Simply navigate to your first desired product. Instead of adding it to your cart, select "Subscribe and Save". Do this for everything you want in your box and voila! You are ready to check out.

You can edit, add to, delete, and pause your box at any time. You are in control! Customer Service will assist you if you run into any issues, but we don't think you will, as the customer portal is pretty intuitive.

Common items added to a Build-a-Box are body care items used daily or weekly like tooth powder or paste, deodorant, soap, or Cold Sore Lip Balm. Other items that folks use regularly might include Digestive Bitters, Adapt, or Fire Cider. How about remedies that your household needs: Migra-Ease, Hocus Focus, or Aller-Geez! Maybe you want your favorite, can't-go-without-it tea every month. What Haven Herbs items do you personally want?

As a small artisanal producer, having regular customers on plans helps us plan our supply chain. Subscribers will always come first in prioritizing inventory availability and get a 10% discount on everything in a box for being subscribers (as well as the $50 freebie and $75 free shipping all customers enjoy).

There are some items that are not available to include in a box. These are gift sets, gift cards, or items that are subscription products already (Tea of the Month Club and Community Supported Herbalism boxes). Want one of those subscriptions? Simply place a second order.