COVID Concerns: A Zoom class with Lily Kunning

A free class on the issues surrounding COVID, from an herbalist that cares about the latest science and marrying it to generational wisdom. While in the US, opinion reigns supreme on COVID issues, this class is refreshingly free from political or economic bias.

The class will focus on what are good sources for non-biased information on COVID and related issues, what we know and what we do not yet know about the virus, its variants, and how to stop the spread, and when to seek hospitalization and how to help and caregive at home when someone has COVID-19.

1. Where to get reliable objective information?
2. Vaccine safety and efficacy: what do we know?
3. Mask Wearing: what do we know?
4. Social distancing and avoiding indoor gatherings: what do we know?
5. Treatments being used in hospitals. Treatments to use at home.
6. Symptom management at home: Treatments and lifestyle tips to assist breathing, dehydration, cough, fever, fatigue, and other COVID symptoms.

This class will be moderated and open to pre-registrants, All questions answered while time allows. Any disruptive behavior will result in expulsion. We are keeping this a fact-based class and polarized opinions are for another space. If you have resources to share that are not covered in this class, you can share them with Lily and they will be sent to attendees after class in a follow up email.

About your faciliator/educator:
Lily Kunning is a clinical herbalist and formulator for Haven Herbs. She has helped folks with wellness consultations and custom formulas  for COVID as well as chronic conditions in her practice. She makes ready-to-buy formulas for Haven Herbs as well.

She herself is a skeptic on medicine for profit (pharmaceuticals, vaccines and their political sway) and delayed her child's vaccinations and chose an alternate schedule than the CDC for him. She also is fully vaccinated against COVID (including the booster) and her child will be getting the vaccine once he is of age. Interested in how that logic works? Join us!