What is Haven Herbs?
Who is Haven Herbs?
How is Haven herbs different?
How is Haven Herbs different from Boline Apothecary?
I used to shop at Boline Apothecary. Do you still make those products?

Ingredients and why they matter.

I am a farmer/homesteader and want to sell you herbs.

What is the difference between a tincture and other kinds of extracts?
How to take a tincture.
How to brew a tisane (herbal tea).
How to take a syrup, elixir, or oxymel we make.

How does the monthly subscription plan work?
I need something specific that is not listed in the shop. How do I get it?

What are your shipping and return policies?

I want to carry Haven Herbs at my shop. How do I do that?
I make awesome products and want Haven to be my distributor. How do I do that?


What is Haven Herbs?
We are an herbal apothecary company and natural wellness distribution company based in Columbus, Ohio. We make remedies, tonics, and body care and sell retail online, and we sell wholesale to myriad locations throughout the area. We distribute our own line as well as other local and natural lines.

Who is Haven Herbs?
Haven is a company of three (soon to be four!) worker-owners: Lily, the staff herbalist, formulates most of the products. Alissa is in charge of finance and administration, and  Iderah is our order fulfillment person. We all make appearances on behalf of the company. We are proudly woman-owned and worker-owned.

Meet the Team!

Lily Kunning
Lily is Haven's staff herbalist and Columbus' community herbalist. In addition to formulating most of Haven's products and doing appearances, she also does wellness consults at her office and The Reiki Center. She teaches classes in person and online including herbalist intensives. Check out her website for details.

Lily is our contact for formulations, herbalist questions, and social media.

Iderah Roeck-Akarkarasu
Iderah is a herbalist, yoga teacher (ERYT200), Reiki practitioner, healer, and master tea blender called to heal women, their allies, and our community. She has created the healing space Preserve on Calumet to serve this purpose and blends Chakra Teas and other tisane blends at Preserve and for Haven.

Iderah is our contact for order fulfillment and customer service.

Alissa Head
Alissa is the Executive Director of Global Gifts, former entrepreneur (Liberty Handknits and PuraLux Candles were two of her solo-endeavors), as well as an artist and crafter (check out her knitting and fiber art). Alissa is the Campaign Organizer for Fair Trade Columbus, and was a founding member of Mother Artists at Work. Herbalism and wellness are another lifelong passion!

Alissa is our contact for finance and administration matters.

How is Haven Herbs different?
Lots of ways! We are woman-owned, worker owned, and unlike many fly-by-night operations making "natural" products, a trained herbalist creates and/or approves all our formulas. We use locally sourced ingredients whenever possible, supporting the local economy through relationships with local farms and homesteads. We also source all ingredients according to a sustainability and environmental ethos: preferring minimally processed or raw ingredients, fair trade ingredients, and the like. We create in small batches with minimal ingredients and no added shelf stabilizers and artificial preservatives. (Body care and remedies should be seen like food- buy smaller packages and use up what you have to keep it fresh. It should not sit in a medicine cabinet gathering dust for years.)
We use reusable and recyclable packaging intentionally. It's heavier in shipping, but better for you and the planet. We infuse intention, compassion, and right livelihood in everything we make and do!

How is Haven Herbs different from Boline Apothecary?
Boline Apothecary was Lily's former brick-and-mortar shop- one that carried her formulations but much more: other herbal brands, homeopathy, essential oils, a bulk herb/spice/tea section, and other locally-made body care. It was a well-loved, 1000 square foot, eclectic imprint of awesome. Sadly, small business is difficult, and so is brick and mortar selling. There is little markup in supplements in general, and Lily wanted to keep her formulas affordable. The overhead to operate Boline each month was 5K, not including restocking and making the house line of products. It was too much, and Lily went into much debt trying to make it work.

Haven Herbs is a collaborative effort, not just Lily (thank goodness!). There are three owners to share the load instead of one. We have less overhead because we do not do our own a brick and mortar retail shop. We sell wholesale to other brick and mortar shops, have a monthly subscribtion program for loyal customers, and sell retail direct online. While Lily misses seeing all your faces and getting to touch base, this new smaller, more nimble business model will ensure longevity and sustainability.

Those seeking herbal advice or classes should check out Lily's personal website, lilykunning.com

I used to shop at Boline Apothecary. Do you still make those products?
If it was a Boline Apothecary formula, it was Lily's formula. She is making 90% of the products on the regular, and any product she no longer makes regularly can still be ordered as a custom item. (Short answer: yes!) Some of the names may be unfamiliar to you, though- as we changed all the "boring named" products when we dissolved Boline. So here is a quick guide to the old name and the new!


Cardiovascular Tonic = Change of Heart
Cold and Flu Tea = Under the Weather
Cough Syrup = Tussa-lixir
Divurticulitis Capsules = Digest-Eze
Eczema & Psoriasis Salve = Rash B Gone
Eye Cream = Crow's Feet Fly Away
Facial Scrub = Daily Cleanse
Facial Toner = Phabulous Phace
Gas and Bloating Remedy = Pop the Balloon
Gum & Mouth Rinse = Swish & Spit
Herbal Steam = Full Steam Ahead!
Herbal Wormer = Early Bird (Gets the Worm)
Hemorrhoid Suppositories = Bum Candy
Hot Oil Treatment = Crowning Glory
Insomnia & Stress = Bleary Eyed
Menopause Tea = Wise Woman Tisane
Migraine Remedy = Migra-Ease
Milky Time Tisane = Milky Mama Tisane
Mint Neem Toothpaste = Fancy Fangs
Nervous System Tonic = Frazzled
Ohio Allergies = Aller-Geez!
Pain Relief = The Gripes
Poison Ivy & Bug Bite Salve = A Jewel of a Salve
Remineralizing Tooth Powder = Solid Smile
Sore Muscle Salve = Knead It
Sore Muscle Soak = Aaaaah!
Stressless = Smooth Sailing
Stop the Crud = Berry Blast Elixir
Sunscreen = Beau Soleil
Toothpaste = Fancy Fangs
Urinary Tract Health = Urine It to Win It!
Women's Reproductive Tonic = Equilibrium
Wound Wash = Puncture Proof
Wrinkle Serum = Unflappable
Yeast Infection Boluses = Beat the Yeastie Beastie!

Lily has also made some new products since Boline's demise:

  • A new whitening tooth powder: Black and White
  • Several Herbal Smoke blends (instead of just one): Tobacco Free (for those actively trying to quit), Heart's Ease (for emotional support/emotional smokers), and Life of the Party (for social smokers/those who smoke while drinking)
  • The aromatherapy roll ons have changed and expanded to include a kid safe Breathe! formula, Frankincense single, Patchouli single, and White Rabbit (a Vetiver, Patchouli, and Orange blend).

Ingredients and why they matter.
Lily, the formulator of this line (and indeed each worker owner) put a lot of time, effort, thought, and intention into what is chosen for each formula. The quality and source of each ingredient matters and must add to a formula for it to be included. Here are some of the particulars around our ingredients:

Plants: preference is given to local plants grown using organic methods, then certified organic from elsewhere, then ethically wildcrafted plants. We work with several local farms and homesteads first. When we do source from herb distributors, we only buy from those that have a suitability ethos, too.  
Shea Butter: We buy raw (unprocessed) fair trade Shea from a woman's cooperative.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the USA or Middle East (as opposed to Italy): We choose this as the base of most of our salves, carrier oils for most roll ons, and in lotions, too. Why? It is a cold pressed (as opposed to a solvent extracted) oil, it is easy to find high quality (and when you get Middle Eastern or American it is not adulterated like many Italian ones), olive oil is less likely to cause allergic issues in customers (than say nut oils like almond), and olive oil is AMAZING! It contains polyphenols (antioxidants) and squalene which moisturizes and promotes elasticity. Perfect for skin and hair treatments!
Beeswax (instead of vegan waxes): Candelilla and Carnauba waxes are often substituted for beeswax to make a formula vegan. We do not do this for deliberate reasons.
First, our beeswax is from small, local beekeepers who do not use their bees to assist agribusiness. Their first priority is bee health and well being. Frankly, bees can use all the help they can get in these days of neonicotinoid pesticides.
Second, the waxes are either from a place where the rainforest is being destroyed to make way for cash crops for Americans or are extracted using a harsh solvent that toxifies its ingredient. We would rather use local wax that supports ethical beekeeping.
Third, beeswax, in and of itself, has amazing medicinal properties and actually adds to a formulas medicinal value instead of simply acting as a solidifier. To us, this is a no-brainer. Beeswax is more environmentally conscious and medicinal!
Preservatives: We use naturally sourced and extracted preservatives, and never any formaldehyde, parabens, or other toxic ingredients that you find (even in "natural" brands"). We inhibit mold with a natural fermented product, we stabilize our fat based formulas with vitamin E oil and rosemary antioxidant, and we use some essential oils for this purpose too. This means our formulas are less shelf stable and have a quicker expiration date than something from Whole Foods, Walmart, or CVS. But it's also a better product for you and the planet. We firmly believe the less ingredients the better for you and do not add unnecessary shelf stabilizers just so your product can sit in a warehouse or store shelf longer.

I am a grower that wants to sell you herbs for your formulas.

Great! We want to buy from locals who cultivate using organic methods (with or without certification) and wildcraft ethically (see United Plant Savers standards for what we mean by this). If this includes you, see our list below of what we will always need more of. If you have something else, please contact us. We may want it!

Here is a list of things we will always take from you (see below on when to harvest and how to process):

Arnica flowers
Aztec Dream Herb leaf
Burdock root
Calendula flowers
Catnip leaf
Chamomile flowers
Chicory root
Comfrey leaves
Comfrey root
Damiana leaf
Dandelion leaf
Dandelion root
Echinacea tops
Echinacea root
Elecampane root
Eyebright tops
Ginkgo leaf (yellow leaves in the fall)
Hawthorn berries
Holy Basil (Tulsi) leaves
Hops flowers
Hyssop leaves, especially Anise Hyssop
Juniper berries
Lady's Mantle herb
Lavender flowers
Lemon Balm
Lemon Verbena
Linden leaf & flower
Milk Thistle seed
Mint (any variety)
Motherwort herb
Mugwort herb
Mullein flowers
Mullein leaf
Oats (straw or tops)
Parsley root
Passionflower herb
Plantain leaf
Red Clover blossoms
Red Raspberry leaf
Rose petals
Saint John's Wort herb
Skullcap herb
Stinging Nettle herb
Valerian root
Violet leaf and flower
Wild Lettuce herb
Yarrow flowers, White 
Yellow Dock root

"Tops" or "Herb" refers to stems, leaves, and flowers taken at time of flowering. 
Roots are taken in the fall, after much of the plant dies back.
Leaves alone are taken just before plant goes to flower.

We pay going wholesale rate (which varies from season to season) on dried, cut, and sifted botanicals. You can do this work yourself and know exactly how much you will be paid for, or you can have us dry, cut, and sift for you (dropping off good condition fresh plant material) for 90% of the wholesale rate. Your choice!

What is the difference between tinctures and other extracts?
A tincture is an extract that uses alcohol (and possibly water) as its solvents. Most of our tinctures are 100 proof (50% ethanol, 50% water). We make our formulas as mostly tinctures, because this combination of solvents gets out the most constituents, making it second in potency only to eating the entire plant at its prime. 
A glycerite is one that uses glycerine and possibly additional water as its solvents. Glycerine only gets out water soluble constituents, making it less optimal than a tincture.
A vinegar is one that uses unfiltered, unpasteurized apple cider vinegar as its solvent.
And a cordial uses either grape brandy or white wine as its solvent. We choose the best solvent for the job, based on the plants in the remedy. We believe it is safe to give children tinctures and do so with our own children. If you have a health or religious reason alcohol is not for you, Lily, staff herbalist, is happy to do a custom blend for you- it will just take time.

How do I take a tincture?
A dosage is based on body mass, metabolism, and sensitivity. There is no one universal dose, ask your herbalist or naturopath how much you should take with your circumstances. But here are some general guidelines: start with a smaller dose. You can always take more, you know? Start with 30 drops (approximately half the the dropper vial in a one ounce dropper). You can either put the dose directly in the mouth or in a liquid that you drink entirely. Wait 30 minutes and see if you need more. Most tinctures are safe to take up to 6 times a day, but we don't think you will need that much, honestly.

For children under 100 pounds, start with half of an adult dose.

How do I brew a tisane (herbal tea)?
Tisanes can be brewed multiple ways depending on what's in the tisane, if you want it hot or cold, and if you are drinking it as is, or using the brew to further make another product (like a syrup or hard lozenge, for example).

All ready-to-drink tisane ratios start with 1 tablespoon of herbs per 8 oz. of water.

Hot infusions: This is the most familiar way people "make tea". Boil water and pour over plant material and let steep. If it is truly "tea" (Camillia sinensis), then no more than 3-4 minutes is required. If it is other plant matter (chamomile, peppermint, a blend), you should steep, COVERED, a minimum of 15 minutes.
Cold infusions: To make a cold brew, use the same ratio above, but put your plant in room temperature water overnight. Strain, then refrigerate. This keeps 3-4 days in the fridge.
Decoctions: This is boiling the plant material with the water, covered, for 20 minutes. This is used for barks and roots and other woody material, or for when you are making a strong liquid to make a syrup.

How to take a syrup, elixir, or oxymel we make:
Berry Blast, Tussa-lixir, Inflasyrup, Fire Cider, Seasonal Tonic- these are the products talked about here.

In the case of Berry Blast, Seasonal Tonics, and Fire Cider- you can take one dose daily to prevent illness and stay well, or take more, if you are indeed ill. 

Adults take 1 tablespoon, Kids take 1 teaspoon. Wellness dose is once daily, Acute dosage is 2-3 times daily.

How does the monthly subscription plan work?
You decide what you want in your monthly box. Select those items that you "must have" each month and we'll always have it in stock for you. Many monthly boxes start with toilette: deodorant, tooth powder, etc. and then people add their favorite remedies: Migra-Ease, Bleary Eyed, and Alter-Geez! are very popular in this program.

We bill a week ahead of shipment each month, so pay invoices in a timely way to ensure regular shipments or pickups of what you need! You can either pay USPS shipping or pick it up at our drop off, Preserve on Calumet (3007 Calumet Street, Clintonville).

If you want to edit, add to, or subtract from your box, simply do so and we will change your invoicing to reflect those changes.

I need something specific that is not listed in the shop. How do I get it?
You will want to talk to our staff herbalist, Lily. She makes custom formulas for people from things that they request or from a consultation she has with you based on her assessment. Book a consultation or request a custom blend from her directly. Her website is here.

What are your shipping and return policies?
We ship all orders Wednesdays -Saturdays. Orders placed after 2PM on Saturday will ship the next Wednesday.

We also may be making your item after you order it, to ensure freshness and longevity (things like Precious Face Milk, for example). We produce new items on Mondays 
- so your order may be held until the following Wednesday in this case. Iderah, our order fulfillment worker, will inform you of when your item ships and you will be emailed a tracking number.

Items that are damaged in shipping: please take a photo of the item and the packaging (for insurance purposes) and email Iderah. We will ship a replacement ASAP.

Due to the ephemeral nature of natural products without additional chemicals to preserve or stabilize, we cannot take returns for any reason other than it was defective (the pump did not work on the bottle, there was mold in your product or it smelled rancid) Defective does not mean you did not like the smell or it did not work for your particular biochemistry. We stand by our products, which have been effective for hundreds of people. Everyone's biochemistry is unique- so if the Pit Paste (for example) did not do exactly what you wanted, contact us and we may be able to make you a custom product that suits you better.

I want to carry Haven Herbs at my shop. How do I do that?
If you are a small independent business or a coop (either worker or member owned) you are in luck! We do wholesale for businesses like yours. Contact us to get a wholesale price list emailed to you, and to set up a visit (with sampling!) after you read more here.

I make awesome products and want Haven Herbs to be my distributor. How do I do that?
We would love to talk to you about that. We first need to evaluate your product line and see if it fits in with our current lines. We don't like to have a lot of duplicate types of products, and all the products we distribute are FDA compliant, safe, and have appealing tamper-proof packaging that stands out on a shelf.

We can work with you to get you to that next level of being ready for a distributor if we like your 
products. Contact us to start that conversation and review a distribution contract.