Monthly Subscriptions

Never miss out!

Want to get our awesome products delivered to you every month without having to run out or settle for crappy drugstore products? Now we have monthly subscriptions to assist you! Simply list the things (and which sizes) that you want in your package every month (Fancy Fangs toothpaste? Migra-ease? Digestive Bitters?) and we'll do the rest.

As a bonus for being a loyal monthly customer, there are discounts! Orders under $30 get 10% off, $31-$50 get 15% off, and $51 and over get free shipping or 20% off, whichever is greater! You can pick up your items at Preserve on Calumet or pay to have them shipped, your choice!

Fill out the form below to start enrollment. We bill a month ahead, so your shipments will be automatic. If you need to cancel, add items, change your standing order- you are free to do so at any time before your next invoice date. Change of address? Just let us know!