Haven Herbs does wholesale!

Did you know that Haven Herbs also sells wholesale to retailers, spas, and practitioners? We supply small independent businesses and worker or member owned coops exclusively (sorry big box shops- no can do!).

We supply the Haven Herbs brand and are starting to work with several small independent small-batch companies made right here in central Ohio, to distribute them as well. The first companies to be distributed by Haven Herbs are Infuse Organics and Iderah's Chakra Teas, and we know that there will be many more to come.

Our terms are quite easy: Opening orders should be at least $100, pre-paid. After pre-paying (necessary for orders to be shipped) or paying upon delivery (for local folks, $2 per delivery) for a year, you can get Net 15 or 30 terms. Subsequent orders have no minimums.

Download our current price list and, if you are in Ohio, schedule a visit with sampling!