Worker Ownership

Haven Herbs is looking for a unique individual to join our team. Is that you?

Haven Herbs is a brand new (created in 2018), worker-owned, cooperatively run, herbal apothecary. We are looking for a 4th worker owner with a specific skill set:

What is a worker owner?
Being a worker owner is different than being an employee or contractor- especially in a newer start up company. Owning a company means rolling with the punches in good times and bad, making leadership decisions that are good for the company (and its owners), and doing the needed work, regardless of primary job description. 

This is not an employee situation- we are looking for someone to own the business with us, which is much more responsibility. All of us cross-train in other business areas and can fill in for someone who is sick or on vacation. It also means taking pride in your work that reflects your ownership- you ARE the company. 

Every worker owner pays a share into the company. The current three owners have already done so, and that entitles them to vote on decisions and get paid an “owners draw” of profits each month. To pay a share, you can pay the value of the share in cash or cash and labor together.

Worker owners are also different from other types of business owners- we are paid based on how much we work and contribute, not own much we “own” (since all of us own equal shares according to our bylaws)- it is a non-capitalist model of ownership. 

Owning the company means you help determine how it grows. It is awesome!

What type of person are we looking for?
We seek someone with a passion for herbs and natural health (who is willing to continue their herbal education for the good of the company), environmental sustainability, and a bootstrappy mentality. Entrepreneurship often means hard work at odd hours or going unpaid for a bit until the company is healthy. You need to be someone who has the passion and energy to work through setbacks with a DIY attitude. We need someone who has a direct communication style, is honest and hardworking, with a sense of humor. 

How much would you be working? What would you be doing?
Our three current owners work 20 hours a week or less and so would you. This is currently not a full time gig- as we want clearly defined roles for each person (that they can grow into as the company expands). We are small but growing. We hope to make this a full time gig for all of us as we grow.

We currently have an herbalist formulator, two folks doing production, an order fulfillment person, someone doing social media and marketing, and “a suit” dealing with finances and governments (and all that jazz). We seek someone who will work as a wholesale accounts and event sales coordinator.

The amount of hours each of us work will likely change as we grow- all of us look forward to adding hours as the company demands more of us. We currently have owner meetings every two weeks that are mandatory (which is included in that 20 hours) and the rest is mostly independent work done on your schedule.

We need someone to spearhead our wholesale and events division. This person would be a fantastic "brand ambassador" for the company. You need to be ok with being a non-smarmy, ethical sales person- someone who can suggest items to add to orders in a genuine way that builds our business and makes our wholesale customers happy. You would work to find and establish new wholesale customer accounts (meet with them, and sell them on carrying the line of products). You would also care for our current wholesale and consignment customers (regularly get them what they need to succeed (more product, rotated product, signage, custom displays, sampling events).

Additionally, you would do pop ups and events as a brand ambassador- selling products retail at farmer’s markets, pop ups, and events, cultivating new wholesale leads, and sampling.

How are you paid?
Once you have paid your ownership share, you are eligible for “owner draws”. Each month, we take a percentage of the profit we make and divide that among worker owners- based on hours worked per person. The more we profit, the more you make. We pay ourselves monthly as we build this company- it may increase in frequency as we grow.

You would be working closely with all three other worker owners, so chemistry, a dedication to conflict resolution and consensus building, and taking initiative to make this a better company are the traits we seek in a candidate.

We value diversity!
People of Color, religious minorities, people of all genders and sexualities, etc are welcomed to apply. We are currently 100% women owned as well as worker owned. Anyone applying needs to be more than OK with women in leadership roles.

Next step?
Send a resumé and cover 
letter to the cooperative, c/o Lily. In your cover letter, please explain why you are a good fit for the position. Explain your experience with herbs, with democracy at work, with business ownership. Tell us what else you currently do for work or passion (if those things are separate). We'll review your stuff at our next WO meeting and follow up with you to let you know whether or not we would to to interview you.