Disco Inferno!

Disco Inferno!

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If you forget our Beau Soleil (30 SPF sunscreen) and you end up getting burned, this is what you want on hand. It's also a cooling lotion for other kinds of first and second degree burns as well. This product cools and soothes on contact and is safe for everyone in the family. Don't get burned, baby burned- get Disco Inferno!

This product comes in a 4 oz glass pump bottle. It's also part of a three piece "Summer Safety Kit" that includes sunscreen and bug spray!

Ingredients (locally sourced whenever possible): Aloe Vera Gel*, Distilled Water, Alcohol (GF), Calendula, Essential Oil of Lavender*, Citric Acid* (*organic)

How to Use:
Disco Inferno! is a topical liniment specifically for sunburn. Apply this liquid directly to unbroken skin as needed and feel it's cooling action begin. It also eases pain and inflammation, and soothes burned skin.