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Looking for a way to get to sleep and stay there through the night? Our Dream blend uses a unique blend of kid-safe oils to help everyone in the family get much-needed ZZZs.

We have this formula available in ready-to-apply roll on or an undiluted diffuser blend. Please specify which you want!

Our diffuser blend is undiluted blend, ready to put in a diffuser (which is the perfect way to ensure sleep through the night if it is safe for your household to do so). If you prefer topical use, this blend needs to be diluted- 5% for healthy adults, 1% for healthy children (over the age of two, please- babies should not have topical oils).

We also have a topical, ready-to-use roll on if you are traveling or diffusion is not an option for your household.

Haven diffuser blends are packaged in 5 ml amber bottles with built-in droppers. Haven roll ons are .35 oz roller ball vials, perfect for tucking into  purse or pocket.

Ingredients: Organic essential oils of Lavender, Cedarwood, Patchouli, and Vetiver, and Balsam Peru.