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Fancy Fangs

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Fancy Fangs is our daily toothpaste that is Fluoride, SLS, xylitol, and glycerin free!

What's wrong with commercial toothpaste? When it comes to "regular" toothpaste, there are better and safer alternatives. If you read the tube or box your toothpaste comes in, you will notice a warning stating that if you swallow the toothpaste, you should call poison control. Why? Because their toothpaste contains several potentially dangerous chemicals, one of these is called fluoride.

Even "natural" toothpaste brands contain high levels of glycerin. When there are high levels of glycerin left on our teeth, it takes quite a long time before it wears off and our enamel can properly strengthen again. This leaves teeth susceptible to cavities. Fancy Fangs is all natural and good for you!

Although fluoride has been shown to potentially achieve results in re-strengthening enamel, it is also a toxic substance linked to many health problems. The reason why we do not recommend fluoride toothpaste is because the majority of the time, it is in your water, your toothpaste, and applied at the dentist. Too much is being applied and therefore it is doing more harm than good. (Using too much fluoride can make the teeth too brittle and therefore more susceptible to cavities and dental fluorosis. Considering that 1 in 3 children in the US now have dental fluorosis, we are clearly using too much fluoride.)

Most people are used to squeezing toothpaste from a tube, but we at Haven do not want to use plastic and avoid it in our packaging. The base of our toothpaste is germ fighting coconut oil, so dipping your brush in the jar to get at the toothpaste is not a problem. Simply apply to bristles and brush away!

We use kid safe Spearmint instead of Peppermint EO- so this product is safe for the whole family.

With there being more effective and safer alternatives, using fluoride is not a healthy choice. Another reason is that toothpastes contain ingredients like polyethylene glycols, triclosan, strontium, benzene, and tin, which are all potentially harmful to human health.

We recommend following up with Swish and Spit, our gum and mouth rinse for optimum mouth health. Looking for remineralizing or whitening formulas? Check out our tooth powders!

Our toothpastes and powders come in a 2 oz. glass screw-top jar and can be used by the whole family!

If your body care products are packaged in plastic, you are adding to the toxic exposures in your life. Choose Haven's body care line- as we package in glass, cardboard, and metal. No plastic is better for the environment and better for you!

(Real) Ingredients:
Raw Coconut Oil*, Baking Soda*, Orris Root Powder*, Stevia Leaf Powder*, Neem Oil*, Clove*, Essential Oils of Myrrh* and Peppermint* (*indicates organic)


We use real pronounceable ingredients that are ethically sourced and high quality for your product.
We work with local growers to source for our formulas. This supports the local economy, gives us the most potent plants, & reduces
reliance upon fossil fuels. We make products from herbs that will grow
here over herbs from the Amazon, China, or Africa. Oftentimes, those
trendy herbs are taken in an unsustainable way & local people do not have access to their native medicines any longer. Bioregional herbalism is where it's at!

How to Use

Specifics for all products are in our FAQ!

Herbal remedies, supplements, and tonics are fundamentally different
from pharmaceuticals (and we like it that way). They are designed to
restore your body and its systems to homeostasis gently- working with
your body.

We post basic dosage guidelines, but keep in mind if you have more body mass or a faster metabolism than the average bear, you may need to take a larger dose than indicated. If there are hard-and-fast limitations on how often you can take the product, it will
be listed on the package. Most can be used up to six times daily
without problems (but we doubt that you would need to do that).

Remember, there are no "magic bullets" in life, and any product (herbal, pharmaceutical, or otherwise) claiming 100% success without knowing you, your constitution, and your lifestyle is lying and trying to get into
your wallet. Often, herbalists (and MDs) need to try several products
before we find the one that works for your unique biochemistry.

Feel free to email us if the product didn't quite do the job, we can
recommend another that could do the trick. We are blessed with many
plants that have the same action in the body- and often it's just a
matter of finding the right one for you.