Flower Essences

Flower Essences

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Flower essences are herbal infusions or decoctions, made from the fresh flowering part of the plant (which only happens for a limited time each year, and ensures these are locally sourced). 

Flowers uniquely address emotional, energetic, and mental aspects of wellness. We will be adding more and more to the collection as we can!

Haven's flower essences are made seasonally with live local flowers and are packaged in 2 dram amber dropper bottles. Since these essences are taken in micodoses, this bottle should last a month or more.

Each flower has properties to assist with different issues:

Positive qualities:
Selfless love given freely, respecting the freedom and individuality of others; emotional containment
Patterns of imbalance: Possessive or manipulative behaviors disguised as love, demanding, or emotionally needy; getting attention through negative behavior; self-centeredness

Positive qualities: Ability to flow harmoniously with time and daily rhythms, patience, embracing life's events and the pace of others.
Patterns of imbalance: Impatience, irritability and irritation, hypertension, intolerance, pain due to tension and resistance in the body

Morning Glory:
Positive qualities: Sparkling vital force, awake and refreshed; in touch with natural life rhythms
Patterns of imbalance: Dull, toxic, or “hung over,” inability to fully enter the body, especially in the morning; addictive or erratic living habits that deplete life force.

Queen Anne's Lace:
Positive qualities:
Spiritual insight and vision; integration of psychic faculties with sexual and emotional aspects of Self
Patterns of imbalance: Projection or lack of objectivity in psychic awareness; distortion of psychic perception or physical eyesight due to sexual or emotional imbalances

Positive Qualities: Connects us to divine life force and boosts feelings of self-worth.
Patterns of Imbalance: Overactive mind. An excellent ally when our lives get a bit rough and stressful.

Yarrow (White):
Positive qualities: Luminous and strong auric field, compassionate and inclusive sensitivity, refined and flexible psychic forces
Patterns of imbalance: Extreme vulnerability to others and to the environment; easily depleted, overly absorbent of negative influences, psychic toxicity.

Our flower essences come in a two dram bottle. You take 2-3 drops (micro-doses!) a few times daily in water. You may choose to use more than one at a time in a blend.

Ingredients (locally sourced whenever possible): Water (distilled), Grape Brandy, fresh flower named in formula.

How to Use:
Flower Essences are energetic remedies and so small microdoses are used several times a day. Take 2-3 drops of each essence you wish in a shot of water 2-3 times a day. People in the midst of intense feelings like trauma and/or grief may want to add a dose in their waking hours.