Flying Trapeze Balm

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This salve is named for the first people to use it: the trapeze artists and aerial dancers of Movement Activities (who practice at 400 West Rich, where Lily, our herbalist had her first ever farmer's market in Columbus selling herbal remedies). Trapeze artists have to chalk their hands. The chalk is very drying and can easily make cracks if you do not care for the skin. 

The fact that it works for them makes this salve perfect not only for trapeze artists, but health care workers (ie. people who have to wash their hands a lot), older folks (who don't have as much moisture as they used to) and during drying winter weather that makes skin crack.

Flying Trapeze Balm comes in one ounce tins.

Ingredients (locally sourced whenever possible): Extra Virgin Olive Oil* infused with Calendula* and Comfrey*, Raw Coconut Oil, Vitamin E Oil*, Beeswax*,  Essential Oils of Lavender* and Myrrh* (*indicates organic)

We use only local sustainable beeswax in our salves. The beekeepers we patronize care about pollinator health and survival above all else. The bees need our help- so support your local small beekeeper! We do not use vegan waxes in our formulas, because many are sourced from the rainforest (where they clear the earth's lungs to make the way for this crop) or extracted using harsh toxic solvents, which is bad for you and the planet. Beeswax is renewable, sustainable, and medicinal. 

How to Use:
This is a remedy, meaning you use it as needed. Apply salve to the affected dry area as liberally as desired (keeping in mind excess may stain clothing). You can use it as a spot treatment before going out into cold weather, as a deep treatment with coverings at night, or simply keep it in your pocket as needed.