Janky Joint Salve

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This warming and numbing rub feels great on inflamed joints. Think of it as an all natural "icy hot". There are warming herbs that draw blood to the area to facilitate healing (and make it feel better!) and reduce inflammation. There are also plenty of menthol crystals that numb the area in the meantime.

Janky Joint Salve comes in one ounce tins.

Ingredients (locally sourced whenever possible): Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Raw Coconut Oil, Vitamin E Oil*, Beeswax*, Hot Chilis*, Turmeric*, Menthol Crystals*, Arnica Flowers* (*indicates organic)

We use only local sustainable beeswax in our salves. The beekeepers we patronize care about pollinator health and survival above all else. The bees need our help- so support your local small beekeeper! We do not use vegan waxes in our formulas, because many are sourced from the rainforest (where they clear the earth's lungs to make the way for this crop) or extracted using harsh toxic solvents, which is bad for you and the planet. Beeswax is renewable, sustainable, and medicinal. 

How to Use:
This is a topical remedy designed to numb painful muscles, tendons, and joints. It provides temporary relief plus, as it also contains arnica for soft tissue healing and turmeric for joint mobility.

Apply as needed to affected area.