Puncture Proof

Puncture Proof

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The "tea bags" in Puncture Proof contain herbs that have been historically used for skin healing, antiseptic cleansing, and fighting pathogens. Make a tea, let it cool, and irrigate the wound with your "tea". It cleanses and starts the healing process right. This is especially helpful for deep puncture wounds, like dog bites or stepping on a nail.

Because this formula stays dry until you need it, it is ideal for outdoor first aid kits, camping, and emergency preparedness. Just add hot water!

You get 6 bags in each package. Each herb is locally and ethically sourced.

Ingredients (locally sourced whenever possible): Goldenseal*, Galinsoga*,  Comfrey root*, Thyme*(*organic)

How to Use:
Boil one of the "tea bags" covered for 20 minutes. Allow liquid to cool and then use it to irrigate and clean wound well. Cover wound to prevent debris and infection afterwards.