Rash Bath

Rash Bath

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This is a soothing "tea" you make in your tub for all sorts of itchy rashes- anything from Poison Ivy to chicken pox! It soothes irritated skin, draws out toxins, and eases itch.

Rash Bath comes in a ready-to-pour glass bottle, enough for two baths.

Ingredients (locally sourced whenever possible): Magnesium Sulfate*, Oats*, Jewelweed*, Plantain*, Calendula*, Yarrow*, Comfrey* (*indicates organic)

How to Use: 
Simply place half the bottle in your bath or in an infuser bag in the bath as it is being drawn. It will steep into a "tea" to soak in. Stay in the tub as long as you desire, but a minimum of 15 minutes, submerging the affected area.