Turmeric Caps

Turmeric Caps

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By now, everyone knows about Turmeric and its active ingredient, curcumin. It's amazing for digestion, inflammation in the body, enhancing circulation, and so much more. But the best way to take Turmeric is with the right amount of Black Pepper- because the piperine in the Pepper makes the curcumin in the Turmeric more available- 2000% more available to your body!

Our capsules have the right blend of Pepper and Turmeric in a convenient-to-take capsule form. We do our encapsulations by hand in small batches so we know when the herbs are powdered (thereby ensuring their potency).

60 to a bottle: a month's supply at the standard 2 capsule dose.

Ingredients (locally sourced whenever possible): Turmeric*, Black Pepper*, Veggie Capsule* (*organic)

How to Use: We recommend taking two capsules daily in the morning to start your day. Your practitioner will know if you need more than this standardized dose for your particular needs.

Specific Contraindications & Warnings:
Turmeric may strengthen the effects of drugs such as blood thinners and diabetic stabilizers (possibly causing hypoglycemia as a result). Consult your health practitioner to see if Turmeric is right for you.