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This is an expectorant syrup, helping you to get well quicker. If you have wet lungs but your coughs are unproductive, this is the syrup for you!

Did you know that coughs can be a good thing? Not all coughs should be suppressed, quite the opposite- often, they should be encouraged! Coughs help expel mucus (which your body makes to trap pathogens in the respiratory system). Then your body needs to rid itself of this mucus. One way automatically happens- you swallow it. But if there is too much, you need to expel it by coughing and blowing your nose.

The only time to suppress a cough is if it is keeping you awake at night, or you are coughing (unproductively) so much that you hurt your ribs.

Ingredients (locally sourced whenever possible): Water, Sugar*, Alcohol (GF), Wild Cherry bark*, Cinnamon*, Ginger* (*organic)

How to Take: 
Adults take one tablespoon (kids take one teaspoon), 3 times daily.