Haven Herbs present talks at Cancer Support Community

Haven Herbs present talks at Cancer Support Community

Lily of Haven Herbs and Lindsey from Concur Skincare host FREE Lunchtime Learning at Cancer Support Community several times a year. Bring your lunch over and eat and learn something new at the same time! These are open to the public and focus on holistic health, herbalism, and living green.

We do this because like most people, we and our loved ones have been impacted by cancer. We want to offer holistic alternatives, and our Natural Living Series is one of the ways we do that.

These are FREE talks on the second Wednesday of each month (noon-1PM) at Cancer Support Community of Central Ohio. You can RSVP or just walk in, all are welcome regardless of experience with cancer.

We encourage those who are new to CSC to sign up for their newsletter and learn more about the organization- it does so much good in the world!

What topics are we covering for the rest of 2019?

March 13: Food as Medicine

Sip on some vegan, gluten free soup while getting recipes and ideas for incorporating healing foods into your diet.

Hippocrates said "Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food." Food is the best way to receive nutrition and supplementation, as your body recognizes it and processes it much more than synthesized products. In this class, we'll sip on some delicious soup while chatting about foods, herbs, and fungi that can be added to the diet for adrenal, nutritive, immune, and overall health. Presenter: Lily of Haven Herbs.

April 10: Coping with Spring Allergies (without steroids!)
Got Allergies? Learn how to manage and reduce them, naturally! This class teaches natural ways to manage seasonal allergies. Learn about lifestyle changes, herbs and supplements, and foods that you can use to lessen mucus production, itchy watery eyes, sneezing, and sinus pressure headaches.  Presenter: Lily of Haven Herbs.

May 8: Summer Safety
Commercial sunscreen and bug sprays in the United States are laden with endocrine disrupting and carcinogenic chemicals you and your family should avoid. Summer means being in the great outdoors far more often- and that means sunscreen and bug spray. Learn about natural alternatives to chemical (endocrine disrupting) sunscreens, how to find a good one, and how they are made. Learn about superior alternatives to DEET that won't be potentially harmful and still repel mosquitoes and ticks.  Presenter: Lily of Haven Herbs.

June 12: Gut Health
Microbiome Inside your belly is a thriving bacterial world, an eco-system commonly known as the ‘microbiome.’ It’s filled with trillions of bacteria that keep you well. Join us to learn more about this essential ecosystem and how to keep it healthy for digestion and overall immunity. Presenter: Lindsey Moeller of CONCUR The Conscious Company

July 10: Bitters, the Forgotten Flavor of Health
Did you know that digestive issues are the number one reason why people seek out their doctor these days? And that PPIs like Zantac and Prilosec are not meant for (and actually harmful when taken for) long periods of time? There are great herbal digestive tonics used all over the world that promote healthy functioning of all organs in the digestive tract? Learn all about Digestive Bitters and how they can help you, whether you have GERD, Crohn's, or occasional upset. Presenter: Lily of Haven Herbs.

August 14: Fad Diets and Real Nutrition
This lecture debunks myths of human nutrition, physiology and fad diets.There are so many fad diets out there, how can you know which is best for you? Is there one great diet meant for everyone? Keto, paleo, vegan, what do they all mean, and what effect do they have on the body in the short and long term? In this workshop, Lily Kunning, head herbalist at Haven Herbs and wellness coach discusses human nutrition and needs. Most doctors and nurses get a semester of nutrition in med school and are not equipped to recommend a diet for an individual. Learn about health at every size and eating for wellness.  Presenter: Lily of Haven Herbs.

September 11: Adrenal Fatigue
How to fixit? "Adrenal Fatigue" is a term that you hear a lot in the health community, but what is it exactly? Join us to learn the causes of adrenal fatigue, how it can impact how you feel, and what you can do about it!  Presenter: Lindsey Moeller of CONCUR The Conscious Company

October 9: Detox Your Home and Life!
Endocrine disruption happens daily in our chemical laden environments. Learn how to minimize exposure! Getting well, especially if you suffer from a chronic condition, is more than what you eat and supplements that you take. It's also important to choose your cleaning products, body care products, and other chemicals that appear in your life wisely. The United States does not have the rigorous standards that other countries do for ingredients, and we end up getting carcinogens and endocrine disruptors in our products as a result. This class will go over home care and cleaning products, body care products, and gardening products (the chemicals that surrounds us every day) and inform you which ones are toxic and which ones are not. You may be surprised!  Presenter: Lily of Haven Herbs.

November 13: Common Endocrine Disruptors
There is no end to the tricks that endocrine disruptors can play on our bodies and our hormones can be out of whack because of common things we are in contact with everyday. Join Lindsey Moeller, founder of CONCUR The Conscious Company, for a look at 12 common endocrine disruptors and some tips on how to avoid them.  Presenter: Lindsey Moeller of CONCUR The Conscious Company

(There is no December presentation)


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