Seasonals for Winter

With colder weather comes dryer skin and poor circulation. We spend more time indoors breathing recycled air, and our immune systems need a boost. With waning sun, comes S.A.D..
Herbs come to your rescue each and every season, and here's our offerings for the Dark Times!

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  • Herbalist Made

    All our products are formulated by an herbalist with 2 decades under her belt, not some pinterest enthusiast! She runs a clinical practice, formulates for Haven and teaches classes.

  • Worker Owned

    We practice democracy at work and as the company grows, so do the owners! Worker owned businesses are fairer to workers, offer far more life-work balance, and offer more opportunity.

  • Community Matters

    We offer mutual aid, free community education, and donations on the regular. We care about our communities and it shows.

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