Beat the Yeastie Beastie!

Beat the Yeastie Beastie!

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Vaginal yeast infections are painful, itchy, and just plain gross. Want them dealt with efficiently, but not with all the toxic weirdness you can get at the local druggist? This product was made for you! If you are prone to this issue, keep this kit on hand!

The kit includes 5 suppositories and a salve. You can start using the topical salve right away. The suppositories are best used overnight (or daytime if/when you have a few hours to lie down). 

Do this for all 5 suppositories over 5 days. Use the salve as needed to feel comfortable.

Suppository Ingredients (locally sourced whenever possible): Cocoa Butter* infused with Yarrow*, Goldenseal*, Usnea* & Thyme*, Vitamin E Oil* 

Salve ingredients (locally sourced whenever possible): E.V.O.O. infused with Self Heal*, Beeswax*, EO of Myrrh, Vitamin E Oil*