Our Vision & Values

Haven Herbs is a worker owned apothecary based in West Virginia, USA. We make artisinal batches of herbal remedies, tonics, and body care. We package in recyclable, reusable, and compostable packaging. We give generously and care about our communities. We practice democracy at work and participate in mutual aid efforts.

Here are things that we think about a lot:

Sustainable, Ethical, Low Impact/Traceable sourcing:

Our farm, re:Source, grows much of what we need and then we turn to neighbors in our bioregion who also grow sustainably as a second tier of sourcing. Our formulas preference what grows here over imported botanicals intentionally. We intend to reduce what we cannot grow ourselves in our bioregion in the next two years.

When we must source botanicals or ingredients from a distributor (which we hope to eliminate completely as we find locals who grow what we need or plant it ourselves), we choose them based on their sustainability ethos and commitment to the planet.

For ingredients that can only be sourced internationally, such as Shea butter, Coconut oil, and Cocoa butter, we buy fair trade from vetted sources.

Towards Zero Waste and Carbon Neutrality:

In 2020, we moved nearly all of our packaging to materials that are recyclable and/or compostable- removing nearly all plastic packaging. We even use reusable shipping materials, such as compostable peanuts.  The only plastic in our packaging currently comes from spray, tincture dropper, and pump tops of bottles. (We continuously are looking for a reliable source for plastic free packaging. Let us know about any you know of!)

We have intentions of going completely solar in our electricity source in 2024. This will reduce fossil fuel consumption and reliance upon unsustainable practices, and make Haven Herbs products even greener!

We encourage our customers to recycle, reuse, or compost packaging and shipping materials.

We have not yet gained a carbon neutral footprint in our manufacturing, but we are striving for that. Reducing shipments of materials, composting and recycling our waste, and eco-bricking plastic for future builds is something we currently do. Going solar and building our future buildings using sustainable practices is on the horizon.

Community Change, Mutual Aid, and Involvement: 

Supporting our community is a large focus for our business; we are more than just a profit producing company. We were created with the intention of empowering our community to take back their own health. 

Our staff herbalist teaches a free classes online for Cancer Support Community as well as a monthly "Ask the Herbalist" session each month.

We have made specific products designed for and proceeds donating to causes that matter to us, such as our Justice For All tincture that is designed to support those on the front lines of protests, to help restore activists mentally, emotionally and physically. Proceeds then go to both a local and a national organization focusing on combating police brutality.

Each time you check out, you can "Round Up for Reparations" and support a BIPOC organization.

And we donate to great causes in our geographical community, such as Project Rainbow, a homeless shelter for queer youth.

At our farm, re:Source, we are not only growing botanicals for our formulas, but we are creating sanctuary for endangered medicinal plants so that these can be seen and used by future generations of herbalists.

And we started a community organization for small businesses, artisans, and farms called SCRuBs (which stands for Support, Community, Reources/Referrals, and Barter) to create opportunity and policy to benefit small and sustainable over large and well-lobbied.

When you shop Haven Herbs, you are supporting a small sustainable business that cares about you and the world we all live in!