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Haven Herbs is proudly worker owned! We make decisions together, practice democracy at work, and reap the joys and sorrows of owning a business together and having a partnership.

Lily Kunning (she/her)
Lily is Haven's staff herbalist, educator, and a community herbalist. In addition to formulating most of Haven's products and doing appearances, she teaches classes in person and online including herbalist intensives. Check out her website for details. She started an Herbalists Without Borders chapter, and has started a farm for education, homesteading, and growing for Haven Herbs.

Lily is our contact for formulations, education, community relations, and mutual aid, marketing, or herbalist questions.  contact: lily (at) haven herbs (dot) com or (304) 205-9660.

Corum Calanthe Wood (they/them)
Corum Calanthe is Haven’s Head of Production and sourcing, bringing in well over a decade of experience in the Food and Beverage industry, with primary focus in Coffee, Tea, Spirits, and Hospitality. They leverage their work experience to better serve Haven and ensure consistent, outstanding, and accessible products for everyone.
Corum is our contact for production and sourcing. contact: corum (at) haven herbs (dot) com or (304) 205- 9020

Oberyn Kunning (they/them)
Oberyn is a worker owner in training. They are Haven's order fulfillment and customer service maven and will become a customer experience manager, overseeing all aspects of the company's relationship to our wonderful customers. If the website is tricky, you had something damaged in shipping, you are wondering where your items are, or you do not understand how pre-order items work, Oberyn is the person to ask!

Oberyn is our custoemr service and order fulfillment contact: oak (at) havenherbs (dot) com or (304) 205-9565.