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Stores that carry Haven Herbs:
Preserve on Calumet 
is the only retail brick-and-mortar shop that carries the entire Haven line.
They also honor Haven Herbs discount codes and freebies each month.
(3007 Calumet Street, Clintonville: Wed-Fri 12-7; Sat & Sun 10-4)

These shops also carry Haven products:
Bexley Natural Market
Clintonville Natural Foods
The Heritage Store (VA)
Oats and Barley Market
The Reiki Center
Urban Acupuncture
Speckled Hen Market
New Mama Columbus

Lily, Haven's herbalist, does consultations and classes. Click here for those.

For wholesale inquiries: Alissa
For finance and administration: Alissa
For speaking engagements and events: Lily
For retail order fulfillment: Iderah
For monthly subscriptions: Iderah
For herbalist questions: Lily
For media inquiries: Lily