Liquid Health

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Looking for an alternative to laboratory-created vitamin supplements? Look no further! Liquid Health is a tincture made from six herbs that are full of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids! Because they are food sourced, your body will absorb them and use them. Because it is liquid, your body is able to access the nutrition much sooner.

We have had lactating women tell us that their milk supply increases when taking this formula (a sign we are doing something right!). This is safe for people of all ages and constitutions.

Taking herbs to stay well rather than only treating illness is called tonic herbalism. Read more about this tonic and others here.

Liquid Health comes in 4 ounce dropper bottles, about 120 doses.

Ingredients (locally sourced whenever possible): Alcohol, Water, Catnip*, Alfalfa*, Nettles*, Raspberry Leaf*, Oatstraw*, Dandelion* (indicates organic)

How to Use:
People using this tincture as every day nutrition can use a half dropper once a day. Pregnant or lactating women and people working to overcome deficiencies can take up to two droppers twice daily.