Smoking Blends for Wholesale Accounts

Haven Herbs makes three herbal smoking blends that are tobacco and cannabis free, available to smoke shops, hookah bars, and other retail establishments.

The blends are targeting at three types of smokers:
1. Tobacco Free: smokers trying to quit tobacco and deal with withdrawal symptoms
2. Life of the Party: people who smoke when they are socializing with other substances
3. Heart's Ease: folks who smoke when they are upset

We package the blends in 3 ways, and have several types for wholesale customers to try in their shops:
  1. The Lil Stash is packaged in a crush-proof tin (of a single blend) with a pack of Raw rolling papers. Great for pockets or purses and is usually the way folks start using the blend, as it is a low price point for trying something new.
  2. The Refill is 1.5 ounces of loose smoking blend in an economical paper bag. Great for folks who have tried the blends and are in love. We have found that once people try them, they quickly convert to refills.
  3. The Assortment is .6 ounces of each blend in a tin, packaged with a small grinder and two packs of Raw papers. This is a great package for folks who aren't sure which blend they like best or who want to try them all. It also is helpful for people new to smoking plants- as it has the grinder and papers in one retail unit.

Wholesale smoke shops, hookah bars, and other vendors are welcome to carry these as long as they fit our criteria of selling to small independent businesses or cooperatives (no corporate chains, please).

Wholesale customers get products at 30% discount off our retail price. Order minimum is $100. Free shipping is available for orders over over $250. We are happy to provide samples to interested shops. 

To get started, use this link.