A new kids line!

A new kids line!

Haven Herbs knows that a large part of our fanbase have kids at home. While herbalism is generally safe for kids, many remedies and tonics do not specifically appeal to kids. We aim to change that!

In addition to our much beloved remedies that kids love (like Berry Blast Elixir), we are creating a kid-specific line of tinctures, syrups, lollipops, and electuaries that appeal to a kid's sweet tooth, all the while treating maladies and helping little bodies heal.

We aim to launch the line in the fall, right as kids go back to school (and start spreading the plague again). Everything the line will have a cohesive look (we are rebranding and you can also expect a new logo and look to all our products very soon), so you will be able to identify kid-safe products easily.

We still plan on using alcohol in the tincture line (because alcohol is a supreme solvent and extract constituents that glycerin, vinegar, and water cannot on their own)- but instead of our standard alcohol and water tincture, the kids line is alcohol and vegetable glycerin (non-GMO, kosher). Glycerin, generally speaking, gets out the same constituents as water, but is thicker and sweeter. This will impart a sweetness to the tincture that kids really seem to love.

So what's on the list to start making for the fall?



Bummertum: a kid's tincture for nausea, colic, and other digestive upsets. 

Sleepy Peepy: a tincture to help little ones settle down and get rest. Works for a bedtime ritual as well as in the middle of the night, unexpected insomnia, too.

Calm Your Farm: great for kids with anxiety or hyperactivity.

Attention!: Focus and clarity for atypical kids

The Sniffles: a tincture for colds and flu.

Sickie Suckers: a lollipop for the cold and flu season with immune boosters and antimicrobials

Sleepy Suckers: a lollipop that soothes the kiddo to bed. Great for after a nightmare- because it's a treat to take their mind off the dream AND it contains powerful herbs to help them nod off.

Other remedies:
a safe "vapor rub" that does not contain unsafe essential oils (like peppermint and eucalyptus) like far too many do.

All this goodness joins the list of our many kid-safe remedies and tonics found here.

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