Berry Blast Elixir

Berry Blast Elixir

Those who used to shop Boline Apothecary, used to come in on the regular for an elderberry potion Lily made, then called "Stop the Crud". 

When we launched Haven, many products were re-named and/or improved and Stop the Crud was one of them. STC was a combination of Elderberry and Thyme extract, mixed with honey (NOT sugar- you would not believe how much sugar is in that elderberry syrup you are buying, eek!).

That product was improved with Aronia berry tincture (which adds vitamins and antioxidants like crazy!) and was renamed Berry Blast Elixir (because there are two berries in it)! It is still wildly popular during cold and flu season.

What's in Berry Blast?

Elderberries, locally sourced as much as possible. Elderberries are immune boosting and anti-viral (and yes, there are numerous studies indicating its better than a flu shot at prevention and better than Tamiflu at treatment!) and taste great.

Aronia Berries (also called Chokeberries) are high in Vitamin C (which helps your immune system function better), and are immune boosting in their own right.

Thyme, which in lab tests (of which there are many) kills more pathogens than bleach (which is why you'll see cleaners and hand sanitizers now made with Thyme), but unlike bleach it is delicious and safe to ingest!

Berry Blast benefits from raw local (within 30 miles of Columbus) honey, too. Honey is medicinal in its own right and is much healthier than refined sugar. 

This product can be taken in two ways: as a tonic- to stay well or as a remedy, to get well. To stay well, you'd do a little shot each morning. Or, if you pick some up after being infected, you can take this up to 6 times each day to reduce the severity and duration of your illness.

We sell it in two sizes: 8 oz. for $15 (approx $1.88 an ounce!) and 16 oz. for $28 (only $1.75 an ounce!).

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