Body Care: What do I use that we make?

Corum applying pit paste to their armpit


One of the best aspects of living with all of our products has been replacing my daily routine with as many of the things we make as possible. For me, the impact is subtle, since I don't tend to react to commercial products as acutely as others. There is certainly, though, a feeling of connectedness to my routines and body care, knowing that what I'm using the stay clean and well was made by hands I trust (me and Lily!).

I work in the land a lot and my skin is in contact with many, many different irritants, scratchy things, and grime. I often will strip as much of that off with our Garden Bar, containing calendula and comfrey with healing clays and adzuki hulls for exfoliation. Definitely leaves my skin feeling nourished and clean.

Every month Lily makes a big, fresh round of different lotions. My favorites have been all in the Non-Toxic Lotion Club series, which changes every month but is always fresh and delightful. Most recent was Field of Flowers, which was beautiful and floral and slightly pungent. All of our lotions contain only plant-based preservatives and ingredients, which is why we make them fresh every month.

Spot Be Gone
I'm an oily person! I don't break out often, but when I do it's painful. Our Spot-Be-Gone roll-on is effective essential oils carried with olive oil in an easy-to-use spot applicator. I use it after shaving to help with razor burn or in-grown hairs.

Boo Boo Balm
As above, I'm outside a lot and get a lot of scrapes. Our Boo Boo Balm carries a mix of anti-microbials and herbs designed to facilitate wound healing. Very effective!I always have some at my desk and it most readily is used to treat cat and roosters scratches.

Pit Paste
My pits are my one sensitive area and will break out very easily from commercial deodorants. Our Pit Pastes are a mix of probiotics, clays, and lipids all in place to help manage and cultivate a healthy microbiome in your creases and crevasses. Other deodorant alternatives I've used have not worked well for the hairy among us, but the benefit of a clay-and-fat paste is that it softens the moment you start to apply it, working in very easily.

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