Build a Box!

Build a Box!

We have launched a cool way for you to get your Haven Herbs products and never run out- our custom subscription program is called Build-a-Box and the power is in your hands every step of the way!

How do you start a subscription? Shop for products as you normally would. But instead of selecting "one-time purchase", select "subscribe and save"

Any item you select this way becomes part of your Build-a-Box. You can also add one-time items to any cart (things you want now, but not each box).

Once you start a subscription, you will get an email 7 days before it is due to renew. This gives you a chance to add, edit, pause, or cancel your box. At all times, you are in control- just look for an email. If for any reason you cannot make these changes, reach out to customer service and we will make the changes for you, no worries! 

Benefits to becoming a subscriber:

  • a 10% discount on all subscription items.
  • ease of administration- add one-time items easily, change what's in the box as often as you like.
  • change the frequency: the default is monthly, but feel free to make it 6 weeks, every other month, or weekly!
  • never run out of the things you need! body care, smoke blends, that special remedy- all are there for you!
  • freebies, samples, and trials in each box!

Maintaining your subscription is easy!
When you create your account, you will see a "Manage Subscription" button on your account profile (see below). Clicking it will lead you to the subscription customer portal, where you can manage their subscriptions: pause, cancel, add items, and more!

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