Covid 19 Impacts

Covid 19 Impacts

**Update 1/10/2022**

We continue to experience some shortages in our preferred packaging. We, as a rule do not want any plastic packaging. Yet some of our preferred items have substitutions that include plastic. We apologize for the inconvenience and know we will switch to more sustainable and non-toxic packaging as soon as we are able.

We also are seeing longer ship times for some of our ingredients, leading to shortages in inventory to make our products. We have been notifying customers if they will only be getting a partial shipment as a result. We are working to fulfill all orders in their entirety as soon as possible.

Shipping carriers (we use mostly UPS) are still taking longer on some deliveries. We apologize and know it can be frustrating.

**Update 11/12/21**

We are experiencing packaing shortages. Many of our preferred packages are unavailable for extensive time periods, so you may see unfamiliar bottles, jars, and tins. We are still not using any plastic deliberately, but many glass bottles currently available have plastic lids and we cannot always get our metal lids. We apologise for the waste and will stock up on our preferred packaging as it becomes available.

As you are probably aware, shipping is taking longer than it used to, particularly economy shipping like Priority Mail (US postal service) and Ground (UPS, Fedex). If you want to have a guaranteed window of time, select an expedited service. Regular ground methids can take up to two weeks longer, depeding on where you live.

** UPDATE 10/15/2020**

So we have one of our first unavailable products due to the pandemic today: Percolation Cones. As some of you know, we offer this herbalist's tool and it is a handmade item from upcycled bottles, along with an instruction sheet, food grade tubing, and a food grade cork. 

Today, our supplier informed us that until restaurants and bars are back to capacity, we do not have a steady source of bottle-fodder. This item will go in and out of stock as we deal with unstable supply. Sorry, folks!

**Update 7/7/20**

We have caught up on backorders from the move, and the only backorders that get created are due to lags in our supply chain due to Covid-19.  Some folks are shipping less frequently due to less staffing or lags in their supply chain as distributors. We continue to produce weekly and keep customers informed of any delay in their order, allowing them the possibility of substitutions.

Shipping companies are still using temps are are strained. You may experience insufficient scans for tracking, broken shipments, or lost shipments. We do our best t replace broken items and play detective for you. Once it leaves the farm, it's somewhat out of our hands, though!

**Update 4/25/20**
We are experiencing slowdowns in our supply chain for packaging and ingredients, which is impacting order processing by up to a week at times. We are doing our best to find alternate (high quality) sources that meet our standards and ordering larger quantities when possible. One thing we have not been able to obtain (yet) is sustainable padded mailers. We have been using 100% recycled kraft mailers up until April, and now we have to resort to (groan) plastic ones. Rest assured, we continue to look for better solutions.

We are still keeping up with order demand and usually shipping out within a few days of ordering. We are loading up on finished inventory to meet your need.

We are also getting numerous complaints from customers that shipping times are excessive, packages are getting broken in shipment, and tracking is not being done consistently. We are sorry about this, it seems all carriers are using a temporary workforce without good training to meet demand. We are sorry about the uncertainty that it causes, but have no control over what happens when the package leaves our hands. If you experience breakage, our policy is always take a picture for our insurance and we'll send a replacement.

**Update 3/25**
We are experiencing very high order volumes and larger orders than usual. We are working to keep up the pace, but as a (very) small "essential" business (food and medicine) in these times, we appreciate understanding that there may be shipment delays as we add production days, practice social distancing and other safety protocols, experience supply chain delays, and of course, shipping delays with the postal service. 

We have had several customers tell us their shipment cannot be tracked, even after it is picked up. We suspect that USPS is experiencing overload and hiring experienced temps to fill the gaps. We suspect there is not consistent product scanning so that orders cannot be tracked well. We are sorry about this- but so far, everyone reporting this has received their packages.

If more than a week goes by after you get a tracking number, please contact us and we'll see what we can do on our end.

**Update 3/22**

We at Haven consider our business "essential" being that we are helping people stay healthy. We will continue to operate as long as we can get supplies to make product and ship it out. 

We are experiencing some delays in supplies at this time, which means a 3+ day delay in getting orders out in some cases. We will be taking products offline so that they are not findable if we run out of anything. 

Our priorities at this time are immune and respiratory support formulas. We are also shipping out a heck of a lot of percolation cones for those of you DIY types. We will keep this space updated as information becomes known. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Original post:
So we at Haven pride ourselves in having a sense of humor in the face of health issues (who else would name a urinary tract support tincture Urine It to Win It?). But all kidding aside, this latest virus is scary- and there is a lot we can do to take charge of our health.

Because it is unlikely that many countries will institute a full lockdown like China did (who is now reporting that they believe they are past their peak in active cases), we need to take some extra precautions to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe.

First off, if you are elderly, immune-compromised in any way, or have these folks, including infants at home- work to stay away from others until we get the all-clear. If you can, have food, groceries and other items delivered to you. Ask younger and healthier friends and family for help in these times.

Second, if you are sick- STAY HOME. I know many of us have less options when it comes to making money. Perhaps you have no sick time or ways to work from home. But if you are sick with anything contagious, you are only adding to the problem and spreading more illness. 

Third, if you must go out, keep more than a foot away from others, wear a mask or bandana to keep from breathing in cough or sneeze droplets still in the air, and refrain from touching lots of things (and tell your kids to do the same!) If you have to touch stuff, wash your hands or use sanitizer after (see graphic for instructions- actually count out the 20 seconds- it's a lot longer than you think!).

If you missed out on sanitizer or masks (many places do not have them in stock any more), make your own. A bandana will suffice and can be washed in hot water and soap to reuse over and over again. Extracting Thyme, Oregano, and/or Sage in rubbing alcohol or vinegar will make a great surface cleaner and hand sanitizer. Start one now, as it takes 4 weeks to steep!

The fact is, all health practitioners, herbalists and MDs alike, are doing their best with a pathogen we have not seen before. We get more facts about how it operates and gets shut down daily from all over the world, as people recover or die and we are able to document the process this virus takes.

Herbalists look at a very different set of criteria when determining how to treat. For a while, the medical herbalists said Elderberry was a no-no for Covid-19 because it could boost cytokine production. Meanwhile, traditional herbalists (who look at constitutions and energetics, not just constituents and actions) were saying Elder was probably fine, but were looking for more information from people with actual cases to understand what herbs might be beneficial to get through.

Here are some herbal perspectives other than our staff herbalist (Lily, who is writing this blog post): 
Aviva Romm, MD and herbalist
Chestnut School

Currently, there is speculation from medical herbalists that Elderberry won't harm as much as feared and is, in fact, still a powerful anti-viral/immune boosting herb (in the literature). We at Haven value all kinds of herbalism- and listen to all sides before making a call. Our original advice of Elderberry as a preventative and Crud Killer as a treatment is what we continue to stand by.

Looking to prevent illness? 
Our Berry Blast Elixir, Fire Cider, and Medieval Thieves aromatherapy blend are great for preventing stuff.

Think you have a cold, the flu, or Covid-19?
Go see a doctor and get tested. While there are not a lot of available tests for Covid-19 yet, it is far more likely you have influenza or a bacterial infection of some sort. Get tested for these and eliminate causes before you assume it is Covid-19. If you have respiratory symptoms and you eliminate flu and bacterial infections, it is best to assume the worst (Covid-19) and quarantine yourself and start a treatment protocol.

Even with Covid-19, most of us less-vulnerable people will have a few days of yuck (and less intense yuck with the right products). Knowing what you are dealing with is half the battle. And there are different product approaches to each type of illness.

Confused as to what to buy here?
If you have the influenza (A, B, any of them), Elderberries are a fantastic, lab-studied and generationally-trusted way of treating influenza. If you want it from Haven, your best bet is Berry Blast Elixir. (See product for links to lab studies.)

If you have Covid-19, we recommend other herbs like Usnea, Lemon Balm, and Andographis. Our Crud Killer tincture is what you want- it has all three of those. 

If you have a bacterial infection, Crud Killer, Fire Cider, or Banish are great for you and yours.

How will Covid-19 affect Haven Herbs and its operation?

Currently, we are fine and well and have adequate inventory. This may change if the outbreak lasts longer than a couple months, we have an unanticipated spike in orders, and/or we are unable to get supplies and ingredients. We will post updates if this becomes a reality.

We wish you and yours health and prosperity. We look forward to serving you all well past this outbreak and fear. Stay well, stay informed, and stay inside! 

**These recommendations are based on specific herbs reviewed by Commission E and the WHO. They have not been evaluated by the FDA and do not replace the advice and care of a medical professional.**


Love your Fire Cider! Have used it for the last 2 years. Wish I had taken it when I went to Mexico and got Covid. I have Crud Killer at home and Fire Cider and am trying my best to get rid of this!
I really enjoy your Tumeric Paste, thank you!
I recommend to my massage clients everything!
Thank you for your products!

Kris Goettler

Melody: our bug repellent is called Bug Off! and it is here:

Thanks, Forest! We love you, too!

Lily Kunning

I don’t see bug repellent on the menu


Love your herbs and your posts. Thank you! Stay safe.

Forrest Neuswanger

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