Facial Care

Facial Care

Haven Herbs has a lot of facial care products for all types of faces! This month, they are all on sale- 10% off!

Daily Cleanse is a gentle exfoliant. You can use it every day to remove dead skin, dirt, and oils. It hydrates as it cleanses!

Morning Dew is an oil cleanser that dissolves dirt. It is perfect for drier, older skin.

Baby Bars are true soaps (saponified oils) in either Chamomile or Lavender. Gentle enough for baby skin, and is not drying!

Phabulous Phace is our toner for all skin types. When you cleanse, you use alkaline products to remove oils. But our skin is naturally acidic- and that acid is protective! We want our skin to remain acidic to prevent infection (pimples). Phab Phace is a gentle mist that you spray and then pat into your skin post-cleanse. It re-acidifies, hydrates, and tones the skin.

We blend clays and specific powdered botanicals for specific facial masque formulas: Acne treatment (Zit Zap), Graceful Aging, Rosacea, and Sensitive Skin.

Our Spot Be Gone Roll On is a great portable treatment for pimples, boils, and other infections.

Crow's Feet Fly Away is a luxe eye cream for wrinkles and dryness.

Moisture Serums:
Precious Face Milk is a creamy serum for light moisture and firming skin. It includes Helichrysum, Edelweiss, Neroli, Rose, and Frankincense in its gorgeous formula.

Character is an pressed seed oil serum to help generate new skin cells (which helps reduce sagging skin (wrinkles) and damaged skin (scars). It builds collagen and elastin with Rosehip seed, Argan oil, and many more.

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