Haven is making a whole lotta tea!

Haven is making a whole lotta tea!

If you are familiar with Haven's products, you know we have lots of medicinal tisanes. We wanted to make more blends, including some for pleasure. So we are expanding our offerings this fall!

Currently, we make:
Aller-Tea (for seasonal allergy symptoms)
Comfort & Joy (Emotional Support)
Firefighter's Friend (Lung Support)
The Good Cuppa (Nutrition & Whole Body Support)/
Headache (for... you guessed it)
Milky Mama (Lactation Support)
Moontime (Menses Support)
Preggers (Pregnancy Support)
Sick Kid (for sick kids of all ages- even safe for infants!)
Tummy Tamer (Digestive Issues)
Under the Weather (Cold and Flu Season)
Wise Woman (Menopause Support)

We even make a Turmeric Tea Paste to help you make delicious Golden Milk.

But we are about to launch a whole new set of teas, and we couldn't be more excited!

Anxiet-Tea (for those with panic attacks and insomnia)
Coffee Schmoffee (a spiced coffee substitute with Chaga!)
Easy Does It (a mellow calming blend)
Feminine Rise (a lightly caffeinated woman's blend for go-getters)
Iderah's Chakra Teas (all seven chakras get a custom blend!)
Virili-Tea (a men's potency and health blend)

Adding these 12 new blends make our tea tally up to two dozen tisanes and teas, plus the Turmeric Tea Paste. Quite the lineup! We will be launching these gradually and rolling them out throughout the fall. Here is a link to all our current blends available.

We will be reaching out to cafés and restaurants to see if they would like the blends or paste in bulk really soon. If you would like these in your neighborhood café, let them know about us (and us know about them) and we'll make contact!

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