Make/Do Farm

Make/Do Farm

Last month, Haven customers may have experienced shipping and fulfillment delays- and it's not because of Covid-19!

Lily, our staff herbalist and sourcing specialist, moved her family out of Columbus and onto a farm in Madison county. Here, she will homestead and also grow herbs for Haven's needs among other farming. 

Her classes will be moving to the farm, too- as will Haven's production and order fulfillment. After the move and getting plants into the ground, the next steps for Haven are to renovate the old dairy barn and milking rooms into production facilities and storage for Haven! The image on this post is of the barn to be converted!

This move is a step up for the company as well as Lily's family- it means being able to grow things we want in our formulas ourselves, controlling every step of the process. It means plants that are best processed fresh will be done so. It means the potency of your Haven formulas will be ever improving. 

We are super excited to make these changes for our company and our customers. I

Thanks for your patronage and support- stay safe out there!

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