New products in a new year!

New products in a new year!

Here at Haven, we are constantly listening to our customers requests and formulating new products for those in need.

What's new around here this month?

Hocus Focus: This tincture tonic is for those looking to increase brain function and concentration and mental stamina. Formulated for those with ADD/ADHD, it also helps grad students and old folks, too!

Don't Cramp My Style: This remedy tincture has been a long time coming. If you suffer from intense menstrual or ovulation pain, this product is especially made for you. It has herbs historically used  pain, inflammation and hormone balancing.

What's on the horizon?

Digestive Bitters in Vinegar (rather than Alcohol): Digestive Bitters is the one item we sell that virtually everyone can benefit from, but up until now, we've only offered it as a tincture. Coming in late February, we'll have the same Digestive Bitters formula we've become known for (a pregnancy safe, bioregional formula that has no essential oils (which our staff herbalist advises against ingesting). Now, folks with prohibitions on alcohol can have Digestive Bitters, too!

Flowers 4 Yr Face (Facial Steam): This gentle multi-flower formula not only opens pores, but builds collagen and elastin (great for damaged or aging skin), takes down inflammation and irritation (for those with eczema, psoriasis, cystic acne, and rosacea), and treats infection (pimples). We'll sell this on its own, in a facial kit for sensitive skin, and it will be available after it debuts in the Spring CSH (Community Supported Herbalism) box.

Anxiet-Tea: This tea will debut as the February Tea 'O the Month club selection, and be available after that on its own. It's calming properties is for folks needing to calm down, get some sleep, or recover from panic.

Restore: This restorative tisane helps body, mind, and spirit recover with herbs that strengthen the all three after times of exertion and strain. This tea will debut as the March Tea 'O the Month club selection, and be available after that on its own.

Tom Kha Fire Cider (and other seasonal flavors): Starting in 2021, we will carry our particular formula of Fire Cider year round, and offer a seasonal variety each quarter. Each seasonal type will debut in the Community Supported Herbalism box, then (what is left) will be sold as individual units. Tom Kha is our spring selection!

A hair care and manscaping line: We will be offering shampoo bars, vinegar rinses, detanglers, dry shampoo, beard oil, mustache wax, and more- everything you need to naturally take care of your locks and mane.  Stay tuned for those!

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