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What I Give My Friends

As a budding herbalist and animist and, well, person, I am constantly encountering the pain and rancor of the modern world in my daily friendships and relationships. And true to type, I am constantly toeing the line of annoyance in these friendships with a litany of “Oh, this might help….!”.


Here are some of the most common “Might Helps”:

Turmeric Tea Paste

Myself, my family, my friends, teachers, enemies all have bodies. We all have joints and GI tracts and often those systems don’t run as well as they should. To me, TTP is something akin to a panacea, it seems to tackle so much. It is, simply, turmeric, ginger, black pepper, all suspended in honey. It is potent in its simplicity, tackling many forms of inflammation, pain, and tummy upset. It is also insanely versatile: showcase its earthy, gingery sweetness as golden milk, in broths or soups, as a glaze, sweetener, etc. A little goes a long way, but a lot is even yummier.

Aller-Geez/Pan-Galactic/Breathe Easy

’Tis the season for face-hole discomfort. My nose, my eyes, my throat, my ears are all itching for some kind of relief from the particulate-laden biosphere. I recommend these 3 for the very real impact they have on my life and comfort during allergy seasons. Aller-Geez neutralizes and regulates the histamine response very effectively, as well as helps with pathway inflammation. Pan-Galactic Sinus Blaster is fun to say, but it also melts and drains everything above my throat. Breathe Easy is for everything below the throat, for those chest-heavy days where it feels like you’re breathing through soup.

Best Damn Tea

We renamed this tea in an effort to get more of y’all to drink it. It’s delicious, hot or iced. Catnip, Lemon Balm, and Chamomile all come together as a safe-for-children-of-all-ages type of tisane. I often drink it in combination with my allergy meds in the evening, maybe with some golden milk made from the TTP. When served warm in particular it provides a lot of comfort around your mood and digestion. If you put stock in daily rituals, especially ones centered around beverages or food, this tea is a great placement in your repertoire of options.

Digestive Bitters

Okay, so it’s time to brandish the “I worked for Michelin-Star Restaurants” Flag and declare that our digestive bitters are some of the best I have ever had. They have a clarity and intensity of flavor unparalleled by regular cocktail bitters. They also have, and I can’t stress this enough, immediate impact on acute digestive issues such as nausea, cramping, heartburn, etc. Consuming bitters before meals also helps to stimulate and strengthen the digestive system, allowing for easy and thorough digestion. You can take them directly in the mouth. You can add them to your favorite bubbly water (ahem, Topo Chico). They  work great in old fashioneds, manhattans and all their variants, gin and tonics, espresso/sodas, etc. Just, y’know, get them in you. 

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