Why we do pop-ups at farmer's markets

Why we do pop-ups at farmer's markets

Haven Herbs got its start as a Lily solo venture, Boline Apothecary. And Boline Apothecary got its start at farmer's markets all over Columbus before becoming a brick-and-mortar shop in 2013. There are several reasons we have returned to farmer's markets (in addition to pop-ups at North Market) and they are all about sustainability, the local economy, bioregional herbalism, and sourcing.

1. Sustainability:
Keeping our pop-ups as local as possible means less reliance on fossil fuels to get our formulas into your hands. Most people walk to the local farmer's market and they also get to know their farmers and producers. This is valuable, not just pleasant. When you know the person that made your formula or grew your food, there is an automatic accountability that takes place that is missing when you buy a faceless national brand from a big-box store. This makes our products more intentional, more carefully crafted, and we see the faces and know the people using our products. This is the kind of business we should all strive to get back to. 

2. The local economy:

When you spend money locally, at a local shop or market stall, more of that money stays in your community, 68% stays here, as a matter of fact. When you shop national chains, only 43% stays, and that's usually local workers spending paychecks. The rest gets extracted for corporate coffers. When you shop online (I'm looking at you, I-don't-pay-any-taxes-Amazon), ZERO goes into the local economy- making the rich richer and your neighbors poorer.

3. Bioregional herbalism and sourcing:
We use locally grown and sourced ingredients whenever possible (and in Ohio, we are lucky to have SO MUCH that grows here!) and where is a better place to be than sitting next to a bunch of farmers, talking to them about how herbs are great for companion planting and pest control AND a cash crop to sell to Haven?

We are so delighted to be back at Clintonville Farmer's Market- very near where the old Boline Apothecary shop used to be. While there are other companies that may sell herbal remedies, none of them use a trained herbalist to formulate, none are worker owned, and none have the years of experience that the worker owners of Haven Herbs do! Come see us!

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