Brain Juice

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Brain Juice is the product that Lily, our staff herbalist, created when she was in grad school, studying Chinese medicine. So much memorization and cramming, she felt like she needed a brain boost. These ingredients have also been studied for helping folks with dementia and Alzheimer's as well. Because everyone could use a little Brain Juice now and again!

You can take this by simply adding it to your water bottle while studying, attending lecture or labs, or taking tests. Anytime you want to boost memory and brain functioning- this is a tasty additive. 

Brain Juice comes in a 4 oz. amber dropper bottle.

Ingredients (locally sourced whenever possible): Water, Alcohol (GF), Gotu Kola*, Ginkgo*, Rosemary*, Peppermint* (Organic)

How to Use:
This is a tincture and a tonic, meaning it is an alcohol (and water) extract that can be used regularly over the long term without worry of "overdosing". You can put tinctures directly in your mouth (we suggest starting with 30-60 drops (2.5-5 ml), or add them to drinking water or other beverages.