Street Activism and Haven Herbs

Street Activism and Haven Herbs

One of the wonderful things about being part of a worker owned coop is that we each have the ability to raise issues we want to support and discuss a potential company response. There has been a lot of (much needed) activism on racial equality these days, and we at Haven have been discussing how, as a company, we can do our part.

We first want to say that all worker owners stand with Black Lives Matter protestors who are fighting for equality and against police violence in their communities. Talking is never enough, and so we are always looking for ways to offer support. (If you have ideas, shoot us an email!)

You should know your rights during protests. Here is a handy guide from the ACLU about that.

Here is what is currently happening at Haven, what is happening within a month, and what we, as a coop, want to make happen this summer:

1. We give all proceeds from Justice 4 All, our tincture to help restore body, mind, and spirit (formulated for burnt out activists in the first place!) to two organizations fighting police violence against communities of color. 

2. We are in the process of building a shiny new website of our own, and when it is done, there will be a "Round Up for Reparations" function. Each quarter we will be picking a group that is for black or indigenous people of color and all round ups will be funneled their way. The first organization will be NAICCO, a Columbus organization who has a capital campaign this year to build a big, beautiful community center. Each quarter, we will draw another worthy organization out of the hat and keep this up. Together, we can help fund much needed work!

3. We want to help train more street medics. (Here is a history of such persons, if you are interested.) We are willing to fund and logistically plan a training session this summer (these are 30 hour training, usually taking place over a weekend) for our area. We are looking for willing and qualified trainers currently and then we will make the announcement once we get the location, trainer, and date nailed down. (If you know some folks, send them our way, we are also on the prowl ourselves!)

These are what we plan for the summer of 2020. Stay safe out there, we love you and are with you. Some of us in body, others in spirit!

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