Why Fair Trade?

Why Fair Trade?

When considering sourcing and sustainability, local is usually the first thing that comes to mind. And quite right too. It's why we source our herbs from local farms when we can -- supporting the local economy as well as environmental sustainability with a lower carbon footprint, because our ingredients don't have to travel very far.

But what happens when something can't be acquired locally? At Haven Herbs, we believe the farmers who grow our ingredients should be treated fairly no matter where they live. That's why we purchase our shea butter from Global Mamas, a member of the Fair Trade Federation that sources their shea butter in partnership with a small farmer cooperative in Ghana.

Fair Trade verification ensures the farmers are paid fairly for their product, they have safe and dignified working conditions, there is no child labor, and gender equity is promoted. Additionally, environmental stewardship is a key tenet of Fair Trade. It means products are usually grown organically whether or not the product is certified to be organic.

Our coconut oil is also Fair Trade Certified and organic, and we are looking to transition to an even better fair trade product which is certified through Fair for Life. Because best practices is a process. We are proud to source the best ingredients for our health and body care.

You can find Global Mamas shea butter in our Pit Paste, Precious Face Milk, Beau Soleil, and Crow's Feet Fly Away!


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