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  • 4 oz dropper bottle of Digestive Bitters (alcohol version)
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Digestive Bitters

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Now Haven Herbs has two kinds of Digestive Bitters! Regular (an alcohol tincture) and one in Apple cider vinegar! Choose your variety below.

Bitter receptors are all over your digestive tract (not just your tongue) for a reason! Bitters stimulate proper digestion, enhance the immune system, help with seasonal allergies, stabilize blood sugar levels, clear up skin, and so much more. We need bitter to tonify the whole body!

There are so many potential benefits to taking bitters! Many people believe that bitters are superior to probiotics in maintaining gut health. Bitters curb sugar cravings, soothe gas and bloating, relieve occasional heartburn, encourage digestive enzymes, bile & HCL production, ease upset stomach and nausea, help maintain healthy blood sugar levels, balance appetite, and support liver function and healthy skin. And because the vast majority of your immune system is in the gut, if you tonify the gut, you help your immune functioning a whole lot!

"...But there is an appealing logic to consuming bitters for health. Just as sweets cause blood sugar, insulin, and hunger to spike and then dip -- often leading, long term, to obesity and Type 2 diabetes -- research indicates bitter foods can have the opposite effect, moderating both hunger and blood sugar." - Dr. Andrew Weil

Our Digestive Bitters comes in four ounce amber dropper bottles, about 30 doses per ounce. Coming soon: Vinegar extracted Digestive Bitters!

As a tonic, you take Digestive Bitters 15 minutes before meals (a half dropperful). You can also take it if you overindulged and have gas, bloating, nausea, or sour stomach (as a remedy). We recommend that you keep your big bottle in the dining room so you remember your dose, and create a small bottle to put in your bag while traveling and eating out!

Taking herbs regularly to stay well is called tonic herbalism. Read more about that here.

(Real) Ingredients (alcohol formula): Organic Alcohol (GF), Water, Organic Burdock, Organic Dandelion, Organic Yellow Dock, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Cardamom, Organic Orange Peel

(Real) Ingredients (vinegar formula): Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, Organic Burdock, Organic Dandelion, Organic Yellow Dock, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Cardamom, Organic Orange Peel


We use real pronounceable ingredients that are ethically sourced and high quality for your product.

We either grow or work with local growers to source for our formulas. This supports the local economy, gives us the most potent plants, & reduces
reliance upon fossil fuels.

We make products from herbs that will grow here over herbs from the Amazon, China, or Africa. Oftentimes, those trendy herbs are taken in an unsustainable way & local people do not have access to their native medicines any longer. Bioregional herbalism is where it's at!

How to Use

Specifics for all products are in our FAQ (click the question mark in the lower right, then choose "formulation questions").

Herbal remedies, supplements, and tonics are fundamentally different
from pharmaceuticals (and we like it that way). They are designed to
restore your body and its systems to homeostasis gently- working with
your body.

We post basic dosage guidelines, but keep in mind if you have more body mass or a faster metabolism than the average bear, you may need to take a larger dose than indicated. If there are hard-and-fast limitations on how often you can take the product, it will
be listed on the package. Most can be used up to six times daily
without problems (but we doubt that you would need to do that).

Remember, there are no "magic bullets" in life, and any product (herbal, pharmaceutical, or otherwise) claiming 100% success without knowing you, your constitution, and your lifestyle is lying and trying to get into
your wallet. Often, herbalists (and MDs) need to try several products
before we find the one that works for your unique biochemistry.

Feel free to email us if the product didn't quite do the job, we can
recommend another that could do the trick. We are blessed with many
plants that have the same action in the body- and often it's just a
matter of finding the right one for you.

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