Early Bird (Gets the Worm)

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We call our effective wormer Early Bird, because it always gets the worm (and fluke, and protozoa)!

Do you or yours (animals included) have digestive tract parasites (worms, protozoa, or flukes)? This is a potent killer that will destroy them so that you can eliminate them safely. This is a tincture that kills digestive worms, flukes, and protozoa in people and pets.

Ingredients (locally sourced whenever possible): Alcohol, Water, Organic Wormwood, Organic Betel Leaf, Organic Black Walnut Hulls, Organic Clove Buds

How to Use:
This tincture comes in one ounce amber dropper bottles, about 30 doses.
Use this product thrice daily (15 minutes before meals to avoid queasyness). A full half dropper for adult humans, half that for children or animals. It is potent and should be taken on-again, off-again: one week on, three days off until you see worms coming out in the stool for several days.