Hocus Focus

Hocus Focus

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This tincture was developed for folks need a little help with concentration, mental stamina, and the like. Safe for kids and adults with both kinds of attention deficit (ADD/ADHD), this works as a daily supplement to increase executive functioning. Tested on several adults and kids- this is a great addition to a supplement regime for atypical folks of this stripe.

If you have the hyperactivity associated with ADHD, you may also want to add stimulants to your regime like coffee or Rocket Fuel, or Pick Me Up in addition this tincture.

This tincture is a tonic, meaning you take it twice daily (AM/PM) to have it help.

Hocus Focus comes in a 4 oz. dropper bottle, about 30 does per ounce.

(Real) Ingredients: Cane Alcohol* (GF), Spring Water, Ashwaganda*, Bacon*, Oats* (*organic).