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Herbal Medic Kit

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Looking for all natural remedies for your medicine cabinet? A portable first aid kit for trips? This is a starter set that makes a fabulous and thoughtful housewarming gift or gift for a new college student.

This pack has four items that everyone needs in their medicine chest: something for headaches, cuts and scrapes, colds and flus, burns, and soft tissue injuries.

About Blood Stop: This powder is a styptic. It's helpful for people on blood thinners, for puncture wounds, and is safe to pack into cuts and wounds. It has herbs that stop bleeding, fight infection, and draw out toxins from wounds.

About Headache Roll On: This aromatherapy roll on helps sinus, stress, tension, and other headaches beautifully! It fits conveniently in a pocket or purse to carry whenever you may need it.

About Boo Boo Balm: As a society, we overuse antibiotics. They are in hand purifiers, are overprescribed, and even in plastics! This contributes to bacterial resistance and has led to catastrophic effects: we now have MRSA and other antibiotic resistant strains running rampant! Use boo boo balm instead. The herbs and essential oils used kill all we dislike without adding to this problem.

About Baker's Balm: This salve treats burns of all types, cooling and healing.

These 4 remedies come in a cute gift box for transport or gift giving! 

For instructions on how to use each product or ingredient lists, please look at the product's page. These items, when purchased separately would be $38. All yours as a set for $32!


We use real pronounceable ingredients that are ethically sourced and high quality for your product.

We either grow or work with local growers to source for our formulas. This supports the local economy, gives us the most potent plants, & reduces
reliance upon fossil fuels.

We make products from herbs that will grow here over herbs from the Amazon, China, or Africa. Oftentimes, those trendy herbs are taken in an unsustainable way & local people do not have access to their native medicines any longer. Bioregional herbalism is where it's at!

How to Use

Specifics for all products are in our FAQ (click the question mark in the lower right, then choose "formulation questions").

Herbal remedies, supplements, and tonics are fundamentally different
from pharmaceuticals (and we like it that way). They are designed to
restore your body and its systems to homeostasis gently- working with
your body.

We post basic dosage guidelines, but keep in mind if you have more body mass or a faster metabolism than the average bear, you may need to take a larger dose than indicated. If there are hard-and-fast limitations on how often you can take the product, it will
be listed on the package. Most can be used up to six times daily
without problems (but we doubt that you would need to do that).

Remember, there are no "magic bullets" in life, and any product (herbal, pharmaceutical, or otherwise) claiming 100% success without knowing you, your constitution, and your lifestyle is lying and trying to get into
your wallet. Often, herbalists (and MDs) need to try several products
before we find the one that works for your unique biochemistry.

Feel free to email us if the product didn't quite do the job, we can
recommend another that could do the trick. We are blessed with many
plants that have the same action in the body- and often it's just a
matter of finding the right one for you.

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$35.00 USD
$35.00 USD

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